Pick a month to visit Colorado, and find plenty of exciting family activities and cozy Grand Lake vacation rentals where you can spend your stay. Grand Lake is your year-round paradise for outdoor adventures, with easy access to Rocky Mountain National Park. The area is a destination for winter sports as well as summer activities, all set amid breathtaking scenery. Here are ten great things to do in Grand Lake.

1. Get on the Wagon

Get ready to experience some nostalgia as you take a trip back in time on a hayride. Take the family for a memorable trip on the musical wagon as horses pull it to the Outback at Winter Park Resort. Part of the trip includes a visit to the Sarsaparilla Saloon for an authentic taste of the Old West.

2. Drive the Kids Wild

Rocky Hi Speedway’s go-cart track is a smooth, paved surface that makes driving fun and fast. Challenge the kids to a race, and see who can finish the 20 laps first. Count on this adventure to make their hearts race, too, creating memories they can talk about for a long time.

3. Hit the Trail

Summer hiking is incredible at Grand Lake, since many main features in Rocky Mountain National Park can only be reached from trails that begin in town. Some of these trails include the North Inlet, East Inlet, Colorado River and Green Mountain trailheads. If your heart is set on seeing Cascade Falls, Bowen Pass or Spirit Lake, the trail begins in Grand Lake, so this is a great place to set up home base.

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4. Take a Dip

After a day of exciting adventures, race the kids to the lake for a swim. Take along water toys and floating devices to make it interesting and fun. Check in advance to see if your vacation rental includes noodles, tubes, beach balls, or boogie boards — many of them are stocked up for family fun.

5. Cruise the Lake on a Pontoon Boat

Pack a cooler, rent a pontoon boat, and get your kids ready for a fun day on the water. Renting a pontoon is a fantastic respite from all the schedules and responsibilities of day-to-day living. Make a day of it — go sightseeing along the lake, take a break to relax in the sun, have a picnic on board, and take lots of pictures.

6. Ride the Snowmobiles

Snowmobiling is a popular winter activity in Grand Lake. In town, it’s okay to ride snowmobiles all the way to the lake shore, since Grand Lake is known as the snowmobiling capital of Colorado. You can expect to love the hundreds of miles of trails through the mountains, with rentals and tours available through local companies, including Grand Adventures and On the Trails Rentals.

7. Amaze Your Whole Family

Go for some laughs and a few thrills as you and your family work your way through the Human Maze at the base of the Winter Park Resort. You will face twists and turns in all directions. If you want to make it challenging, find the four checkpoints along the way and race against the clock. The maze keeps it interesting by re-configuring the route frequently, so it’s different almost every time.

8. Brave the Rapids

Excitement awaits around every bend in the upper Colorado River in this prime whitewater rafting destination. There is one particular section of the river that is perfect for families who want to float along easily by the canyons and valleys, and a guide can help you get oriented. Whether you are looking for a challenging rafting adventure or a leisurely floating trip, professional guides are available to guide you down the river.

9. Pamper Yourself in the Hot Sulphur Springs

You deserve a day at the spa where you can soak yourself in a thermal spring-fed pool. At Hot Sulpher Springs, temperatures range up to 112 degrees Fahrenheit. Volcanic rock that lies 35,000 feet beneath the earth’s surface heats the water that feeds the pools. After a relaxing mineral bath, continue with a visit to the Pioneer Village Museum, check out the local shops, and enjoy local cuisine in one of the diners.

10. Take Advantage of Winter Sports

Slip away to Grand Lake for winter adventures in the surrounding towns that offer opportunities for plenty of fun for everyone. Winter Park has skiing and snowboarding opportunities for all levels. Check out the options throughout the Grand Lake area, including snowshoe and cross-country skiing trails, sleigh and dogsled rides, and snow tubing hills.

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