Organizing a family trip can be overwhelming and takes extra time and consideration, but there’s no truer saying than “mother knows best.” So this year, in honor of Mother’s Day, we went straight to the source to gather up insight into how moms want to travel in 2017.

The good news? A majority of moms want to go on vacation with you, their family! The better news is that has millions of mom-friendly properties to take them to. Read on for some of the most interesting findings and check out our full infographic below.

Close for Comfort

The vast majority of moms are planning to rent a beach or lake house within the US (35%) or a getaway that’s within 5-hours drive (28%) for their 2017 family vacation. Only 8% are open to taking the family to an international destination.


Solo is a No-Go

You might think moms would be ready to leave the kids behind for some solo time. But most moms wouldn’t consider it. 58% would chose a vacation with their family, over going solo or on an adults-only vacation with their spouse or friends.


Are We There Yet?

75% of Moms agree that “packing” and “the journey” are the most stressful parts about travelling with kids! Stuffing bags full of snacks and activities, mid-flight meltdowns, schlepping strollers and carseats are a travel buzzkill. Find out how to pack like a pro here.


Toddler Terror

45% of moms agree that 3-5 year olds are the most challenging kids to travel with. But 0-2 year olds weren’t far behind at 40%.


Location, Location, Location

A central homebase is key when you have kids in tow. 53% of moms prioritize location of their vacation rental over its size, kid friendly features, or whether or not there’s a pool.


Babysitter Blues

88% of moms don’t hire babysitters on vacation, the most common reason being that they aren’t comfortable leaving the kids with someone new. But there are ways around it…


It Takes a Village

When it comes to kid travel, the more (adults) the merrier! 60% of moms would plan a family vacation with close friends and their kids so they can take turns babysitting. And a whopping 78% of moms would invite parents, again, as built-in babysitters.


Palm Trees Over Christmas Trees

A surprising 46% of moms want to take a destination vacation for the holidays. And an extra 16% would take the family along… but only if they have control over the guest list. Grumpy uncles and cheek-squeezing aunts need not apply.


Dream Vacation

If moms could wave a magic wand and visit any destination in the world, most chose Hawaii. We’re guessing it’s because it’s an exotic location that’s kid friendly and no passports required. As far as places they have been, most moms cited Disney as their favorite family getaway. No surprise there!