Estes Park, Colorado is nestled between Mount Olympus, Prospect Mountain, and Castle Mountain, as well as sits beside Lake Estes. A vacation at Estes Park offers an abundance of recreational activities ranging from swimming in the lake to embarking on hikes in the mountains. Best of all, the city has plenty of kid-friendly restaurants situated within a short drive of your Estes Park vacation rental. Choose from a variety of food from hamburgers and pizza to authentic Italian. Here are some of the top eateries to enjoy while in town.

1. The Egg and I

Take the mornings easy in the relaxed atmosphere of The Egg and I. You can really enjoy your vacation with a decadent crab cake Benedict or meaty corned beef hash and eggs skillet, or opt for a lighter Mediterranean frittata or berry steel-cut oatmeal. The kids have plenty of options as well such as a small plate of fresh fruit, eggs, and bacon or a strawberry banana waffle topped with whipped cream.

2. Notchtop Bakery and Cafe

Notchtop Bakery and Cafe is tucked into a cozy nook with inside and outside dining and a rustic flair. Enjoy all your favorite comfort foods away from home like pancakes, French toast, and waffles (favorites of both children and adults). Notchtop is particularly proud of its Storm Peak waffle, a nod to the nearby mountain, which contains fresh strawberries, blueberries, and almonds. The kids won’t be able to help but to indulge in the banana chocolate pancakes or a caramel, banana, and walnut waffle. There’s also savory food such as the Colorado burrito, a behemoth of sausage, eggs, cheese, hash browns, avocado, and salsa, and the classic breakfast croissant with eggs, cheese, and bacon.

3. Claire’s on the Park

Claire’s on the Park couldn’t be more enticing for the family. It boasts a sunny, yellow cottage that showcases great views of the mountains, but more importantly, it has a kid’s menu where they can get eggs, pancakes, chicken tenders, and other child-approved foods. Meanwhile, you can feast on Claire’s famous Cuban Benedict, a pulled pork on chorizo biscuit feast with ham, beans, eggs, and chipotle hollandaise sauce. It’s also open for lunch and dinner, so you can get the full experience.

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4. Molly B Restaurant

Molly B is another quaint eatery with all sorts of menu items from breakfast to dessert. The granola served at breakfast on its own or with pancakes is so popular, in fact, that they sell it by the pound. You can always pick up a bag to snack on during your adventures. Lunch and dinner are just as good with sandwiches, soups, salads, seafood, and the trifecta of meat: beef, pork, and chicken. The children can feast on quesadillas, sandwiches, fries, mozzarella sticks, fresh fruit, and a host of kid-friendly foods. Don’t forget to finish off with a milkshake.

5. Mountain Home Cafe

Mountain Home Cafe focuses on kids by serving Mickey Mouse pancakes topped with whipping cream for breakfast and a range of kid-friendly foods for lunch such as grilled cheese, mac and cheese, and chicken tenders, all with fries or chips. You, on the other hand, can enjoy more variety with a Swedish pancake filled with fruit, syrup, and powdered sugar, a German potato pancake, or a variety of omelets, eggs Benedict, and skillet meals. Lunch is just as varied with anything from taco salads to french dip sandwiches.

6. Peppers Mexican Grill

Peppers Mexican Grill is the perfect place to stop for a quick lunch or dinner. With a to-go menu, you can even pick it up on the way home from an adventure. Although there are some spicy dishes for the adults, others are mild with a handy spice meter. Try the buffalo nachos with genuine buffalo meat shredded over corn ships with plenty of cheese and fresh salsa. The kid’s menu features all their favorites from cheese quesadillas to nachos and tacos.

7. Poppy’s Pizza and Grill

Nothing beats a slice of pizza after a long day, and Poppy’s doesn’t disappoint with its thorough menu featuring ready-made or build-your-own pizzas. You can choose from sun-dried tomato pesto sauce, regular pesto sauce, garlic and olive oil sauce, or traditional red sauce. You can also get creative by adding humus on your pie or just go with the tried and true pepperoni and cheese.

8. Antonio’s Real New York Pizza and Deli

This eatery has a homey vibe perfect for a family gathering. The wood-fired pizzas and hand-tossed crust make for a homemade feel and taste. You can get your kids a classic New York round cheese pizza while enjoying a chicken wing pizza or white garlic pie for yourself. While pizza is the theme there, it’s not your only option. You can also get garlic knots and breadsticks (a popular choice among children), salads, chicken wings, calzones, hot sandwiches, and even that Italian classic dessert: cannoli.

9. The Village Pizza

The Village Pizza showcases unique pizzas such as the Fowlatician featuring garlic ranch sauce, grilled chicken, and cheddar cheese or the jerk pizza with Caribbean jerk sauce, crispy chicken, pineapple, and banana peppers. The kids can build their own pizza and keep it simple with cheese and meat and play at the arcade afterward while the adults relax.

10. Baba’s Burgers and gyros

Hamburgers are another classic food that most kids love and Baba’s Burgers has a simple menu that manages to please both kids and adults. You can enjoy a regular cheeseburger or go for something more exotic like a buffalo or elk burger. There are also chicken sandwiches and gyros to choose from to please the palate, and the kid’s menu covers all the bases with favorites like chicken strips, corn dogs, hot dogs, grilled cheese, hamburgers, and cheeseburgers.

11. Mama Rose’s Restaurant

This quiet restaurant offers a view of the river and plenty of good and hearty Italian eating. The kids can enjoy spaghetti, mac and cheese, chicken nuggets, ravioli, or lasagna while you indulge in some homemade chicken saltimbocca or seafood pasta. If you stop in for lunch, grab a salami panini or meatball sub.

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