While Utah is about as far as you can get from the ocean, there are still plenty of lakeside beaches and shorelines in the state to explore with your dog. Nearby most of these destinations, you can find a range of pet-friendly Utah vacation rentals, as well as dog-friendly restaurants and activities. You can ensure your furry, four-legged friend will enjoy your beach trip as much as you do. Here are the best dog-friendly beaches in the Beehive State.

1. Glen Canyon National Recreation Area

Featuring the Colorado River and a majority of Lake Powell – the dam and part of the lake are in Arizona – Glen Canyon National Recreation Area has hundreds of miles of shoreline to explore with your pup. Granted, some of the shore is inaccessible due to the majestic cliffs that give the area such wonderful scenery, but trails throughout the canyon provide access to beaches small and large. Your dog is welcome in most places in the Recreation Area as long as he is on a leash measuring six feet or less, which means you can meander along a short trail or take a long trek depending on your dog’s preference. Explore a different part of the canyon with a vacation rental in Ticaboo, Bullfrog, or even right on Lake Powell. You can also find rentals in Page, which lies just across the border in Arizona. After you’ve had your fill of splashing at the lake’s edge, rent a power boat or jet ski from Lake Powell Resorts and Marina to cruise around on the water. Break up your outdoor adventures with a bite to eat at Anasazi Restaurant, which is located in Bullfrog.

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2. Parley’s Historic Nature Park, Salt Lake City

Visiting the big city doesn’t mean your dog has to stay behind. With a pet-friendly vacation rental in Salt Lake City, you can see the city’s major attractions – which include Temple Square, Antelope Island, and Hogle Zoo – while giving your canine pal plenty of exercise and fun. The city has seven parks with off-leash areas and many more spaces where your dog can go on the leash. Parley’s Historic Nature Park has both off-leash and on-leash areas, as a few places where no dogs are allowed. Parley’s Creek runs through the park and there are multiple beaches along the creek for your dog to get his paws wet. After the park, give your dog an extra special outing with a visit to Barley’s Canine Recreation Center, located just a mile from the nature park. Barley’s offers a variety of services, but its main attraction is a dogs-only, heated, public swimming pool. If your pup is just learning to swim, there are life vests available to ensure he stays afloat.

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3. Jordanelle State Park

Located on the Jordanelle Reservoir near the towns of Hideout, Keetly, and Deer Mountain, Jordanelle State Park provides plenty of shoreline to explore with your dog, provided he stays on his leash. The public swimming beach is off limits to your furry companion, but there are plenty of other smaller beaches where he can play in the waves created by boats on the lake. You can also make your own wake with a boat rental from Jordanelle Rentals and Marina, which is located near the park. The park also has numerous trails to explore, such as the popular Three Rocks and Perimeter Trails. For a break from dog adventures head across the lake to Outlaw Golf Club for a relaxing round. During the winter, the lake is just a short drive from the ski slopes on Bald Mountain and Bald Eagle Mountain. You can also take the Jordanelle Express Gondola to reach the peaks from reservoir’s side of the mountains.

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4. Antelope Island State Park

As with every state park in Utah, your dog can’t hang out at the public swimming beach in Antelope Island State Park. However, your four-legged companion can join you elsewhere in the park, including along long stretches of the Great Salt Lake. Keeping your dog on a leash six feet or less is a must at this park, especially considering there are free roaming buffalo and loads of other wildlife. Aside from the lake shore, there’s also plenty of trails to keep your dog happy. For easy access to the park, pick a vacation rental in one of the smaller towns north of Salt Lake City, such as Syracuse or Layton. You can also stay in the city and make a day trip to Antelope Island.

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5. Willow Creek Dog Pond, Park City

Sometimes the littlest beaches can be the most fun for your dog. Especially when there are lots of other dogs to play with at the water’s edge. Set in the midst of an off-leash area in a city park, Willow Creek Dog Pond is such a place. The pond is open to dogs throughout the summer. Once the pond freezes over, it becomes an ice skating destination. However, the remainder of the dog park remains open. If you want to explore other off-leash areas in the Park City area, there is also the Trailside dog park, as well as the Woods at Parley’s Lane. Active dogs can get their fill of running at the Run-a-Muk Trail area, which features two miles of trails and a total of 43 acres of off-leash area with views of Utah Olympic Park. When your dog is tuckered out, let him rest back at your vacation rental and explore the Olympic Park, which was built for the 2002 winter games. The park has multiple ropes courses, and during the winter you can even ride a bobsled.

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