Oregon has a reputation for being a dog-friendly destination. It’s safe to assume that pets are allowed unless there’s a sign stating otherwise. As a general rule, Oregon’s state and town beaches allow leashed dogs, and in many cases, off-leash dogs are also permitted as long as they’re under voice control of the owners. Another general rule includes cleaning up after your pooch. If you’re taking a family trip — dog included — to a great beach with plenty of swimming opportunities and fun in the sun, opt for a pet-friendly Oregon vacation rental near one of these dog-friendly beaches.

1. Cannon Beach

Cannon Beach, located in northern Oregon along the Pacific Coast and just south of Ecola State Park, is possibly the most dog-friendly beach in the state. Dogs are allowed to run off-leash in the sand and swim in the ocean. Plus, all the driftwood makes for handy sticks with which to play fetch. The only caveat is that the dog has to be under voice control. There are dozens of pet-friendly vacation rentals located on or near the beach, so you can make an entire vacation of it. Haystack Hill State Park and Tolovana Beach State Recreation Site are located on the beach and include hiking trails, giving you a place to explore with your pooch after playing in the sand. If you want to break up time playing in the great outdoors, head to one of the many pet-friendly restaurants and eateries with patio seating for both you and your pup, such as Warren House Pup, Sweet Basil’s Cafe, Grill & Scoop, and Cannon Beach Cafe.

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2. Agate Beach State Recreation Site

Agate Beach State Recreation Site in Newport isn’t just about sand and ocean where pets can run and swim freely (as long as you have Fido under voice control and avoid the playground areas), but it’s also about the Big Creek which runs parallel to the ocean and through the recreation site. It makes a great improvised doggy bath to remove any lingering sand from your pooch before heading back to your vacation rental. Or you can take the Ocean to Bay Trail from the recreation site all the way to Big Creek Park and then on to Yaquina Bay, a great hike for both you and your pet. Afterwards, stop at one of the pet-friendly restaurants around the bay such as The Coffee House, Ocean Bleu Seafoods at Gino’s, and Canyon Way Restaurant.

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3. Pacific City Beaches

Pacific City beaches, including the Cape Kiwanda State Natural Area, allow off-leash dogs under voice control. Pacific City is also great because of its 400-foot-tall sand dune located at the Cape Kiwanda State Natural Area, the ideal place for dogs to race up and down and wear themselves out. Afterwards, you can literally go from the beach to Pelican Pub & Brewery where you can leash your dog to the patio and eat (and perhaps drop a morsel or two to your best friend). There are many pet-friendly vacation rentals located on the beach for easy ocean access. If you get bored of the beach, head to the Bob Straub State Park where you can explore the Nestucca River and grassy dunes as long as your pet stays on a 6-foot leash.

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4. Sandy River Delta Park

Sandy River Delta Park, also known as Thousand Acres, is nearly 1,000 acres of meadows, woods, and swimming beaches. While the beaches aren’t particularly sandy and luxurious (despite the name of the park), the off-leash acreage more than makes up for it. Leashes are only required in the parking lot and on the Confluence Trail, which is the main paved trail to the beach. All other areas and hiking trails are a free-for-all. If puppy swimming is your goal, take the Meadow Trail to the Meadow Road, and then continue northwest until all the trails converge to the river, or take the Confluence Trail to the Old Channel Trail. Both lead to the Columbia Side Channel. Afterwards, take a scenic drive with your dog to Mount Hood National Forest for hiking. As long as dogs are leashed, they’re allowed anywhere except public buildings and swim areas. The Multnomah Falls and Dutchman Falls are modest hikes with plenty of natural beauty to enjoy for the both of you.

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5. Seven Devils State Recreation Site

Seven Devils State Recreation Site is a state park located along Oregon’s southern coast. The area offers fewer crowds, so you can enjoy some one-on-one time with your pooch. While you can park by the beach and let your dog romp through the sand as long as he’s within voice control and can be leashed easily, you can also get a pet-friendly vacation rental on the outskirts of the park and hike down. Plus, Twomile Creek, which that runs through the recreation site to the ocean, is a great makeshift tub for your pet. If you want some more interaction with people, head south to Bullards. You can walk your leashed dog on the Bullards Beach State Park where other pooches are playing.

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