A visit to Cultus Lake outside Chilliwack, British Columbia, blends everything that you want in a great vacation: natural beauty, a chance to relax, water sports, cultural exploration, and even some fun for the kids in the form of a waterpark and amusement park. While you’re staying in your comfortable vacation rental at Cultus Lake, check out these family activities.

1. Cultus Lake Waterpark

The Cultus Lake Waterpark is a destination for all of British Columbia, thanks to its spectacular water slides that twist and turn through trees, as well as its hot tubs and other water attractions. Enjoy live music in the evenings each summer, or just kick back and float down the lazy river while your kids run wild.

2. Vedder River Trail

The Vedder River Trail is an easy hike for families that aren’t looking for anything too strenuous. This wide, gravel path takes you right alongside the Vedder River, and if you look up, you’re likely to see eagles and hawks hovering overhead. Ride your bikes if you brought them on your vacation, or relax on a trailside bench for a picnic lunch.

3. Water Sports on the Lake

Rent a few kayaks, a canoe or some jet skis to have fun out on Cultus Lake itself. Whether you’d rather zip around at top speed, relax and lean back with a fishing pole, get a terrific workout paddling, or just enjoy the spectacular beauty all around, time on the lake is a must for vacationers here.

4. Beaches Along Cultus Lake

You don’t need fancy equipment or boats to enjoy Cultus Lake. Relax with your family on one of the lake’s many beaches, playing in the shallows or going for a real swim a little further out. Nothing says “vacation” better than the carefree sounds of kids splashing in a lake.

5. Cultus Lake Park

While some areas of this beach and park can get crowded during high season, you can always find a quiet spot to get away from it all and just relax while you gaze at a beautiful view. The combination of the mountains and the lake can be breathtaking for visitors.

6. Christmas at Cultus Lake

If you’re lucky enough to visit Cultus Lake over the holidays, don’t miss the special events that draw one and all to the lake. Roasting marshmallows over a giant bonfire is fun for kids and adults alike, and an artisan night market and light display help get everyone in the holiday spirit.

7. Cultus Lake Adventure Park

The waterpark is only the beginning of fun for kids here at Cultus Lake. Check out the Cultus Lake Adventure Park, which is filled with rides, a wilderness trail and the Giggle Ridge miniature golf course — not to mention the parents’ favorite attraction of all: the free admission at the front gate.

8. Pioneer Village

Near Cultus Lake, families can go back in time by visiting Pioneer Village. This fascinating venue lets your kids check out old-time steam engines and tractors, then visit a real working blacksmith shop before stopping at the general store for some old-school treats that everyone will love.

9. Bridal Veil Falls

Take a little hike away from the lake and through a fairy tale forest to Bridal Veil Falls. The hike itself is a quick one of only 15 minutes, and it leads you through a temperate rain forest where moss covers the trees and every turn brings another breathtaking view.

10. The Great Blue Heron Nature Reserve

A visit to the Great Blue Heron Nature Reserve takes you a little away from Cultus Lake and up to the Chilliwack River, but it’s well worth the detour to see these stunning birds flocking together. This nature reserve is also filled with other birds and wildlife, including, of course, Canadian geese.