One may think Center Hill Lake, Tennessee, would be all water sports, which is fairly accurate to some extent. Visitors and Center Hill Lake vacation rental vacationers who discover this mountain wonderland find themselves surrounded by more than water, though. The majestic Cumberland Mountains beckon you to spend a day hiking a primitive trail or crashing through the bubbling white waters of the Caney Fork River. Climb up as high as you can, or go underground to search for buried surprises. Round out your day at a haunted mansion, if you dare. Or, relax by the water’s edge and toast marshmallows. It’s your lake; enjoy it your way.

Go Swimming

Last one in is a rotten egg. Bring those floats and beach balls or just your swimsuits and towels. Center Hill Lake features some beautiful, crystal clear water for swimming and a pristine sandy beach. The swimming area is roped off for safety, so take the kiddies and dive in.

Catch a Fish

Open up a can of worms and watch the kids’ faces light up when they feel that first tug on their lines. is a family favorite for fishing, and there are so many ways to enjoy it. Bring your own tackle or get everything you need at one of the marinas.

Hop on a Jet Ski

Grab a jet ski for a thrilling adventure for the kids. With a few pieces of safety gear, they will squeal with delight and exhilaration as the water sprays over their heads. Start by heading over to a marina to rent the equipment and gear, and get some instructions for handling and safety.

Go Boating

Bring your boat or rent one at one of the marinas around Center Hill Lake. Pick up your gear and set out for an adventure on this amazing mountain reservoir. Fish in the deep, cold waters or drift along, drinking in the serene mountain vistas along the more than 400 miles of shoreline.

Go Underground

Descend into a world of wonder as you go caving on your own at Cumberland Caverns. You may also join a guided tour to see the stalagmites and stalactites that took tens of thousands of years to form. Add to your adventure when you stay for Bluegrass Underground, live concerts that play more than 333 feet underground.

Go Rock Climbing

Wouldn’t you love to hang out at a world-famous cliff? The Obed Wild and Scenic River features some impressive cliffs, some of which lean backwards. The park provides some ranges for average non-climbers too. There are about 350 sport routes, meaning there are bolts along the way for attaching equipment. There is also a popular activity called “bouldering,” that takes place relatively close to the ground without ropes. Whatever your skill level, this is an opportunity to get up close and personal with nature.

Take a Hike

Pack some snacks and water bottles and hit the trail with the kids in the magnificent Rock Island State Park. Trek up to where you can look over the bluffs at the amazing scenery below. Look for deer and squirrels as you walk, or take a break and sit quietly to listen to the sounds of life in the forest.

Visit Carmac Falls

There is something majestic and ethereal about standing near Carmac Falls near Smithville. Maybe it’s the cool mists wafting over the waters or the way the sunlight glistens on the falls. Whatever it is, find your own special magic in this little bit of paradise that seems a million miles away from the rest of the world.

Enjoy White Water Rafting

Strap on the life vests and the helmets and hang on for the ride of your life as you dash through the white waters of Caney Fork River in the Smithville area. Get some fresh air, plenty of sunshine, and a lot of water in a thrilling day on the river.

Tour a Haunted Mansion

Drive through picturesque Tennessee landscapes to Falcon Rest, the Victorian mansion in McMinnville where history tickles the funny bone. Your family members will be given interactive roles in a delightful gathering of ghosts, but no lines to remember. The regular cast delivers a fun-filled history lesson about the mansion. It’s followed by a dinner and a tour of the Falcon Rest mansion on your own. This is where visitors say the original owner, Mr. Clay Faulkner, sometimes joins the fun.