Cape Coral, Florida features an urban environment juxtaposed against turquoise waters and waving palm trees of the Gulf of Mexico. When you stay at a Cape Coral vacation rental, you can be within walking distance of white sand beaches, the warm ocean, and plenty of city fun. It also means your family can choose from dozens of kid-friendly restaurants. Enjoy a quick breakfast, take-out lunch, or long and leisurely dinner. Here are the top nine eateries in Cape Coral to add to your list.

1. Paradise Deli & Market

Paradise Deli & Market is a little hole-in-the-wall joint that features excellent sandwiches. Don’t leave without trying the award-winning Reuben featuring corned beef and Swiss topped with sauerkraut and 1000 island dressing on marbled rye. If that’s not your thing, the paradise pastrami includes pastrami, coleslaw, and spicy mustard. The kids can get the grilled cheese, simple and elegant with a side of fries or an order of mozzarella sticks. Paradise Deli & Market also serves breakfast and dinner, so be prepared to enjoy some Belgian waffles with kids–topped with fresh fruit and whipped cream–or some thick-sliced French toast with caramel pecans.

2. House of Omelets

Speaking of breakfast, House of Omelets has you covered and opens early, so if you have to run to the beach (or the airport), you can still grab an amazing breakfast. The kids’ menu includes breakfast favorites like the cheese omelet, bacon and eggs, hash browns, pancakes, and French toast with milk, chocolate milk, or fruit juice to drink. The lunch menu also caters to a child’s simple tastes with a cheeseburger or chicken fingers and fries, cheese stix, wing dings, and a grilled cheese sandwich. Meanwhile, you can enjoy the godfather of omelets with Italian sausage, olives, cheese, peppers, and marinara sauce or the house favorite which contains eggs, bacon, ham, sausage, and vegetables.

3. Il Primo Pizza and Wings

Il Primo Pizza and Wings not only has a kids’ menu, but it also has child-centered promotions where the little ones can enjoy their very own small pepperoni and cheese pizza and fresh-baked chocolate chip cookies. Get your own pizza loaded with toppings that range from the traditional meats (pepperoni, sausage, bacon, ham, and chicken) to a plethora of veggies. Don’t forget the wings–boneless
are available–and bread sticks. The kids can pair their pizza with macaroni and cheese bites, French fries, cheese stix, or cinna stix.

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4. Fish Tale Grill

Fish Tale Grill is great for the whole family. While the children are enjoying a fish taco, popcorn shrimp, or ravioli, the adults can indulge in their fresh seafood fantasies like the cranberry macadamia sea bass or fresh lobster. The fun fish-themed restaurant with ocean blue walls and the cozy deck with outside seating adds a relaxed feel to the place.

5. Hart & Soul Cafe

Hart & Soul Cafe is another breakfast and lunch place conveniently located on Del Prado Boulevard, just a quick drive to the downtown area. This homey restaurant offers equally hospitable food but with a delicious twist like the pecan waffles or sweet potato pancakes drizzled with maple pecan butter. The omelets come with prosciutto, Parmesan cheese and roasted red peppers or crab, cheddar cheese, and spinach to name a few options. Although there are some interesting combinations, Hart & Soul Cafe caters to simpler tastes as well by offering quesadillas, eggs and bacon, and French toast.

6. Cafe YOU

Cafe YOU not only specializes in natural food, but authentic coffee as well so you can recharge while the kids eat a healthy meal. They can dine on eggs, toast with jam, granola, tacos, and pasta with meatballs. You, on the other hand, can experience the transcendence of Cafe YOU’s banana bread topped with fresh ricotta, walnuts, and a honey drizzle or the smoked salmon open sandwich with cream cheese.

7. Pho 38

Pho 38 is another eatery that’s perfect for your foodie dreams while still having something good for your children. The kids are sure to love the pork egg rolls, chicken wings, and popcorn pork, while you delve into the dizzying array of pho soups like the steak and mushroom pho soup with chicken dumplings or the beef brisket pho soup. There are also non-soup entrees available like the braised pork, chicken garlic rice, fried rice, and Pad Thai stir fry noodles.

8. Pete’s Fish & Chips

Fish and chips are always better by the ocean where they get the fish and fry them fresh like at Pete’s Fish & Chips. This Ma and Pa place is a nod to authentic British food with a simple menu. The kids are sure to love these crispy fish “sticks” and accompanying fries, but if you really want to go authentic, douse it all in malt vinegar. You can also get fried chicken strips, shrimp, and pasties, the latter of which are like meat pies.

9. Mexico Lindo

While delving into international cuisine, check out the local award-winning restaurant Mexico Lindo. The corn nuggets are like catnip for children while you can enjoy some fresh chips and spicy salsa. The menu includes tacos, quesadillas, enchiladas, chimichangas, and fajitas. Get a beef taco or cheese quesadilla for the kids and a mole enchilada for yourself. The corn tortilla is filled with chicken and a mole sauce made from spices, chocolate, and peanuts.

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