When you think of a vacation getaway, a trip to the Bolivar Peninsula in southeast Texas is a fantastic option for you and your family. This is a place where you can get around in a golf cart to carry your cooler, beach gear, and fishing equipment from your Bolivar Peninsula vacation rental to the gorgeous beach. The sound of the surf stays with you along the beach, or you can go inland to find your vacation paradise. Just be sure to take your camera to get pictures of bits of history, including the Point Bolivar Lighthouse, which sheltered over 100 residents during the 1900 hurricane. While you’re there, enjoy as much swimming and fishing as you can handle. While you contemplate the possibilities, here’s a list of the top 10 Bolivar Peninsula vacation rental locations.

1. Bolivar Peninsula, Texas

Indulge your inner free spirit when you book your vacation on Bolivar Peninsula. You can hang out with the crowds on the beach or drive on the beach to a secluded spot. Make sure you have a vehicle that can travel on the sand, and make the Peninsula your vacation paradise. Kick back and relax, swim, or get a tan. When you want something besides the beach, mosey over to Smith Oaks Sanctuary to look for cranes, roseate spoonbills, and snow geese that roost and nest in the area of the Claybottom Pond.

2. Galveston, Texas

Ride the ferry from Crystal Beach on Bolivar Peninsula to get to Galveston which country artist Glen Campbell immortalized in a song that went to the top of the charts in 1969. Locals consider it the city’s national anthem. Experience some of the magic of the city when you take the kids to the famous Pleasure Pier amusement park or enjoy a ride on the paddle wheel boat at Moody Gardens.

3. Houston, Texas

Houston, we have no problem. There is no problem booking an amazing vacation rental, that is. Houston’s number one attraction is, of course, the NASA Johnson Space Center, which is a Smithsonian Affiliate. Explore the amazing past and thrilling future of the spaceflight program as you tour a collection of over 400 space artifacts, including moon rocks. Be sure to take the kids to the Preston Street Bridge. There is a big red button that is somewhat hidden in a shallow niche. Press it and see the big bubble erupt in the water by the bridge.

4. Anahuac, Texas

If your family loves critters, Anahuac makes a great vacation destination. Explore the Anahuac National Wildlife Refuge where you can participate in guided walks, fishing, wildlife watching, and wildlife photography. Experience the thrill of sighting dolphins from a tour boat out on the Gulf of Mexico. You’re close to museums, amusement parks, and historic landmarks as well as beaches when choosing a vacation rental in Anahuac. Yes, you can have it all.

5. Beaumont, Texas

Make your vacation rental your vacation epicenter in Beaumont. Enjoy access to museums, art galleries, live rock and roll or country music, and nature centers. Indoor family game centers include arcades and escape rooms while outdoor fun includes parks and sports arenas. Be sure to go on the one-hour swamp tour at Gator Country to look for gators, Wood Ducks, Great Blue Herons, Great Horned Owls, and more. Take some binoculars, mosquito spray, sun screen, and an ice chest with drinks if you wish.

6. Baytown, Texas

Feel chained to your desk? Slip off the handcuffs and book a vacation rental in Baytown to renew your mind and recharge your batteries. Explore the nature center and immerse yourself in the beauty of the woodlands and wetlands. Take the family horseback riding for a sightseeing trip that lets you see everything from a different perspective. If you have a need for speed, quench that thirst by enjoying some car races at one of the local raceways.

7. Pasadena, Texas

Treat your family to a vacation full of so many activities and adventures they’re bound to find something new to brag about. Pasadena gives you access indoor attractions, including skating rinks, movies, trampoline parks, bouncy houses, and playgrounds for kids. The area features museums and art galleries as well. One especially popular landmark is the San Jacinto Monument. Make a trip to the nearby Houston Zoo to see the lions, and tigers, and bears, oh my.

8. League City, Texas


League City is one of those small towns that packs in great big family adventures to make your vacation fun and memorable. Go for a unique dining experience when you take the family to an interactive dinner theater at Murder by Chocolate. Active families enjoy indoor rock climbing and the skate park. If your golf clubs somehow got mixed in with the luggage, you might as well use those at the local golf course. For a bit of history, take the kids to the space shuttle disaster memorial.

9. Texas City, Texas

Fido knows who’s been a good boy, and he wants you to pack his bed, bones, and bowls for the family vacation in Texas City. Take the kids and the fur kid to see the Texas City Dike and reward Fido with a rip-roaring day at the dog park. Explore Noble Park to see the antique train and let the kids climb on the play train and other outdoor toys. Experience the adrenaline rush of kite surfing to generate some over-the-top thrills you just can’t get back home.

10. Jamaica Beach, Texas

Shhhhh, it’s almost a secret that Jamaica Beach is a great vacation destination for people who want some peace and quiet. This is your chance to sneak away from the daily grind, but not too far away. It feels like another world, but it’s really just minutes from the mainland. Feel free to take a few deep breaths and sun yourself while the kids play in the sand and the surf, building sand castles and splashing around. In an energetic moment, start a family seashell hunt or use a metal detector to search for buried treasure. At the end of a busy day, retreat to your cool vacation rental to kick back and recharge for another day of fun.