Birch Bay in Washington state is a beautiful coastal community filled with picturesque parks and trails. Embark on an adventure during the day by exploring the gorgeous forests and creeks. At night, unwind and relax in a rustic cabin or cozy cottage. Book a stay at one of numerous Birch Bay vacation rentals today. Check out the top family-friendly hiking trails in the Birch Bay area.

1. Squires Lake Trail

The Squires Lake Trail is the perfect place to go for a quick afternoon or evening hike before lunch or dinner. The trail is under half a mile and offers scenic views and quiet peacefulness. At the end of the hike is Squires Lake, where you can find benches to rest or have a family picnic. If you want, you can continue to hike around the lake and complete the Squires Lake Trail Loop — a hike that is just under a mile — or stay by the lake and pick some berries or try out some bird calls. This trail should take about 30 minutes to complete!

2. Larrabee Trail

This easy one-mile trail runs along the Lower Padden Creek, a great place to check out salmon and other marine wildlife. The trail itself runs over a rolling terrain and is perfect for kids and adults of all ages. Stop by and see the different varieties of fish in the creek, or just plan a quick evening walk for some exercise after dinner. Since this trail is relatively easy it should only take about 45 minutes to an hour to complete, giving you enough time to run around outside with the kids, or plan a fun bike ride or fishing adventure!

3. Guemes Channel Trail

This Trail is currently in two segments, but future renovations will hopefully allow the trail to continue further west towards Washington Park. It currently travels along the shoreline of a ship harbor, so while you enjoy your nice walk you can also enjoy the view of ferries and other ships coming to and from the area. If you decide to hike along the eastern segment of the trail you’ll end near town, where you can check out local shops and eateries with the family. Whether you take the eastern or western segment of the trail, both sides should only take around 45 minutes to complete.

4. Bay to Baker Trail (Bellingham)

The Bay to Baker trail has many different segments that make for great hikes. The Bellingham segment is 1.4 miles long and runs along an abandoned railroad. You can plan a fun family walk along the tracks, or have a fun bike trip down the trail. After you hit the end of this trail, you can choose to continue on for a little less than a mile until you reach Cornwall Park, a great place to stop and relax outdoors or have a fun family picnic. This trail should only take around an hour and 15 minutes to complete unless you plan to stop and enjoy the views!

5. State Route 20 Arboreta Trail

This trail, also known as the Highway 20 Trail, was developed as a donation to the town of Burlington by a private citizen. The 1.5-mile trail runs mainly within Burlington city limits and is lined with beautiful trees. This trail is perfect for a nice walk with the family or a quick bike ride through town. The trail is also wheelchair accessible! It should take around an hour to complete this course, so plan for a nice afternoon walk before lunch, or even take a family bike ride after dinner while you watch the sunset!

6. Bay to Baker Trail (Everson)

The 1.6-mile Everson segment of the Bay to Baker trail runs along an unincorporated town into the town of Everson, a quaint city near the Canadian border that was developed around dairy farms and the logging industry. This trail also runs adjacent to Everson Road, and along your walk, you’ll pass under a vehicular bridge that makes for great pictures. Everson trail is great for a quick walk or a fun bike ride. Being a little over a mile and a half, this trail will probably take around an hour and 30 minutes to complete, but the trail itself is easy and very scenic. Take your time and enjoy the wonderful views!

7. Padilla Bay Shore Trail

This trail is a little over two miles long but comes with beautiful views of the bay and a variety of different animals native to the coast. Along with your walk, you’ll also be able to see many different types of birds, including peregrine falcons, snowy owls, and blue herons. There’s a viewing platform along the trail that will make for a great place to rest — attached to the platform is a spiral staircase that leads directly to the beach! Plan a fun hike or bike ride out with the family, and enjoy the outdoors on the shores as you enjoy a picnic or just lay in the sun. The trail in its entirety will take around an hour and 45 minutes to complete, but even longer if you decide to add a little beach trip to your walk!

8. South Bay Trail

South Bay Trail is a must-visit spot for tourists and a nice summer hangout spot for locals. The trail provides an easy 2.5-mile tour between the downtown and artisan community of Fairhaven — and it’s along the water! Head out for the day with the family on this hike, and end your day in town at a local eatery, or shopping at one of the many different local stores in the area. On Saturdays, a farmer’s market is available at the end of the trail, so you can take a nice family bike ride out to get some food for dinner! For a little more fun, sign up for a horseback riding session along the trail after a nice family dinner.

9. Kulshan Creek Trail

This trail is great to check out if you have plans on stopping by another local park or garden nearby. This almost three-mile trail is the perfect go-between for Mount Vernon’s commercial and residential areas. Take a nice scenic walk on your way to shop, or ride your bike through the trail to a picnic in the park or another natural area. Since this trail is pretty long, it’ll take you to two hours to complete if you just want to go in and turn around. However, if you plan on walking through the park it’ll probably last around an hour!

10. Hertz Trail

The Hertz trail follows the eastern shoreline of the fourth largest lake in Washington. This beautiful three-mile trail offers views of moss-covered trees, ferns, and scenic waterfalls, but also has access to the beach and the lake itself. Take a stroll or a bike ride with the family along the trail after dinner and watch the sunset from the beach, or plan a fun hike during the day and enjoy a picnic by the water at night. Since the trail itself is three miles long, it’ll probably take a little over two hours to complete, but the views of the beach and waterfalls make it worthwhile!