Lake Como, located north of Milan in the gorgeous Italian Lakes District, provides the perfect location for you and your family to experience an unforgettable European vacation. Surrounded by forested hills and snow-capped mountains, the area around this pristine glacial lake offers numerous activities such as boating, water sports, sightseeing, and hiking. Enjoy incomparable Italian cuisine as you bask on a sunlit terrace enjoying the magnificent view. Explore the cobbled streets of stone villages and the interiors of luxurious historic mansions. Here are some of the best vacation rental spots where you can base your Lake Como adventure.


The lake’s namesake town at its southern end offers the best of both worlds. Surrounding its magnificent cathedral, historic center, and fascinating museums are modern boutiques and avant-garde cafes. Use your vacation rental site in the town of Como as a perfect jumping off point from which to ply the pristine waters of the lake by boat, hike through the forests of the surrounding hills, and discover the many other nearby sights and activities.


In contrast to Como, Nesso is a small lakeside village comprised of a few hamlets. Located on the western shore of Lake Como, the countryside surrounding its vacation rentals offers outstanding hiking possibilities. Watch a waterfall plunge through a deep gorge from the vantage point of an ancient Roman bridge. Explore nearby sites such as medieval churches and nearby castle ruins.


Set at the junction of the lake’s two branches, this elegant town sits on the lakeshore within sight of the snowy Alps of Switzerland. Bellagio is less crowded than other towns, and your vacation rental site here provides the perfect spot from which to launch out and explore the lake by boat. The town’s backstreets are replete with cafes, bars, and restaurants waiting for you to discover them. The location offers a combination of small town rustic ambiance along with modern restaurants and cafes.


A small, uncrowded town on the eastern side of the lake, Bellano contrasts rustic villas and winding lanes with its famous modern yacht club. For a unique adventure, climb the ladders and passages through the popular gorge of the Pioverna stream. Enjoy the family-friendly atmosphere of this ideal vacation rental location as you stroll the pedestrian-only center of town. Choose from among the numerous restaurants offering superb Italian cuisine.


If you enjoy having cycling, swimming, boating, and other outdoor activities just a step away from your vacation rental location, Colico is the place for you. Along with several beautiful beaches, the town has vibrant nightlife and the unique opportunity to dine in restaurants built into mountain caves. Located at the northern tip of Lake Como along passes to Austria and Switzerland, the town offers amazing panoramic vistas of the lake and surrounding hills and mountains.


Situated on the Lake’s western shore, vacation rental sites in Griante are famous for their spectacular views across the water. Picture-perfect villas dot the surrounding hillsides. For an unforgettable experience, hike up to the small church that is set high on a mountainside, and feel like you’re on top of the world.


Also located on the western shore, Menaggio is a larger town with numerous restaurants, cafes, and other attractions. Get in some serious golf at the 18-hole golf course, or take the kids for some mini-golf. Have a swim at one of the beaches or outdoor swimming pools. For relaxation, stroll along the marina or have a snack at a coffee shop or ice cream parlor.


Set between spectacular cliffs on the eastern shore of the lake, Lecco is a quiet small town less overrun by tourists than other areas. Relax and enjoy the fantastic view from your vacation rental after an active day exploring the surrounding countryside. Renowned for its shopping, Lecco is also ideal for those who love hiking and amazing vistas of olive groves, vineyards, steep slopes, and mountains.


Tremezzo and its surrounding smaller villages provide striking views, fascinating sightseeing, and numerous waterside restaurants from which to choose. Don’t miss the Villa Carlotta and its famous botanical gardens, an amazing location that seems straight out of a fairytale. When you step out of your vacation rental in Tremezzo, you have only to take a short stroll, and the medieval towers, cobbled streets, rustic houses, and elegant gardens make you feel like you’ve been transported back in time.


From the terrace of your comfortable vacation rental in Varenna, watch the numerous boats coming and going at the busy port. Enjoy a delicious Italian meal at a lakeside restaurant. Explore the hillside lanes of the medieval village, and stroll through the luxurious landscaping of its famous villas. Located on the eastern shore of Lake Como, Varenna is a peaceful and beautiful getaway spot.