While vacation rentals offer all the comforts of home no matter where you go — to the beach, in the mountains, or wherever — the actual process of traveling to your accommodation might be a challenge. To maximize your comfort in the plane or on the road, head to Amazon.com to invest in a high-quality travel pillow, so you can arrive at your destination full of energy and ready for fun. Here are the top five travel pillows on the market today. These combine convenience with comfort to help you rest easy no matter where your travels take you.

1. The Trtl

This unique take on the travel pillow uses a plastic neck support on one end similar to a medical neck brace, but it’s disguised under a stylish fleece scarf for a sleep aid that’s as comfortable as it is stylish. Trtl has been helping travelers sleep since it was designed in Scotland by mechanical engineers in 2010. You can place the Trtl to either support your chin or hold one side of your head, keeping it in a comfortable position so you can rest on your way to your vacation home. The low-profile device is also small and lightweight so you can easily store it in your backpack, purse, or duffel bag. On the other hand, it only comes in one size, so taller people may need to tuck a travel blanket under their Trtl for maximum comfort.

2. The Cabeau Evolution Memory Foam Travel Pillow

Featuring a more traditional neck pillow design with an ergonomic approach, the Cabeau Evolution travel pillow is made with memory foam that molds itself for a snug fit. It features a drawstring that connects the two ends for an even tighter fit ideal for bumpy mountain roads or turbulent flights. This 360-degree coverage also allows you to change head positions while you sleep without losing support. Plus, the extra layer of cushion that runs along the top of the pillow gives you even more comfort and support so you can rest easy until your vacation rental is in sight. This travel pillow can get a little warm, so it’s a good option for air-conditioned cabins and other cool environments.

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3. The Travelrest All-in-One Pillow

If neck and chin support isn’t quite enough to let you fall and stay asleep while you travel, the Travelrest All-in-One pillow might be a good alternative, offering full-body support with its unique seatbelt-like design. Place the top of the pillow on one side of your neck, and let the length of the pillow drape across to the other side of your body. A loop at the top of the pillow holds it to the headrest of your seat to keep it firmly in place so you can fall asleep on the soft fabric. If you don’t have anything to attach the travel pillow to, you can wear the strap around your body to keep the pillow snug. The Travelrest pillow is available in only one size, but you can choose from several colors to match your luggage or personal preference. Plus, it’s inflatable for maximum convenience, and the full-body design helps you feel more like you’re resting in your own bed. The only drawback is that you only have support on one side, so it’s not the best option if you toss and turn while you nap.

4. The Ostrich Pillow

This travel pillow may look a little odd, but vacationers agree that the Ostrich Pillow is well worth the kids’ giggles from the backseat. This pillow touts itself as a device that lets you nap anywhere, from airports to train stations. The pillow completely surrounds your head to block out light and muffle sound for better rest, leaving space for your nose and mouth. It also offers two holes on each side of the head to allow you to place hands or arms, allowing for a greater variety of sleeping positions to suit every vacationer’s resting style. The microbead filling delivers a comfortable cushion, and the soft fabric is easy on the skin. While you can slip your Ostrich Pillow onto the handle of your luggage, it’s not quite as compact as some of the other options, so use it only if you’re not worried about traveling ultralight.

5. The Lewis N. Clark Pillow

Whether you’re headed to a remote cabin vacation home or just want to keep your vacation luggage to a minimum, the Lewis N. Clark inflatable pillow might be the perfect option. Roll or fold it up to fit it even in the smallest space, and blow it up in an instant for a convenient sleep aid anywhere. Another bonus of a blow-up travel pillow is the ability to adjust the firmness by filling it more or less, letting you choose your perfect softness. Some inflatable pillows do sacrifice comfort due to their vinyl-like composition, but the Lewis N. Clark includes a fabric cover to let your skin breathe. Once you get to your vacation home, you can deflate your pillow in a flash and stuff it back in your bag until your next travel stretch.

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