In the southeastern corner of North Carolina sits the coastal community of Wrightsville Beach. This popular beach town sits on one of the state’s barrier islands with the Atlantic Ocean on one side and the sound on the other so you can choose a Wrightsville Beach vacation rental on the beach or sound. On the sound side, you’ll find houses with docks for fishing or tying up a boat while on the beach side, you can wake up each morning to the smell of salt air and the sounds of waves crashing. While on vacation, you and your kids can explore the town, play in the water, and soak up the sun. However, the beach isn’t the only interesting thing in town, check out the top 10 things to do with your kids in Wrightsville Beach.

1. Sailing Lessons

Ditch the motorized watercraft and enjoy the feel of the wind pushing you along the water with a sailing lesson from the Blockade Runner Beach Resort Sailing Adventures. This resort offers group classes or individual lessons on how to sail a boat. Even if you’ve never been on a sailboat before, they’ll teach you the basics and start you on your way to loving the slower pace of sailing.

2. Paddleboarding

Paddleboarding is a great way to get out on the water and get some exercise or explore the shores of the sound. For newcomers to paddleboarding, several companies in the area offer lessons, including Cape Fear Paddleboarding. You’ll learn the basics in the calmer waters before trying your luck paddleboarding in the surf or on the ocean. If you already know what you’re doing, then rent some equipment and have a great time.

3. Wrightsville Beach Museum of History

If you find yourself faced with a rainy afternoon and the kids have a little cabin fever at your vacation rental, then take them to the Wrightsville Beach Museum of History to learn a little more about the history of the local area. Check the schedule before going because this museum offers a variety of talks and activities to help people get more excited about the local area. Your kids will laugh at the vintage bath suits at the exhibit dedicated to looking at the history of beachwear.

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4. Crystal Pier

At your vacation rental, throw together a picnic lunch and gather up your fishing rods for a day at Crystal Pier. Start your afternoon with a family lunch, and then set about teach your children how to fish off the pier. On sunny days, this pier features and sheltered sections, where you and your family can escape the worst of the heat or just enjoy sitting on a bench in the shade, listening to the surf.

5. Airlie Gardens

Drive the short distance into Wilmington to visit the Airlie Gardens. First created in the 1800s, this garden was a private oasis for the Pembroke Jones family. As you wander through the gardens, you’ll be treated to the sight of plants, bushes, and flowers in all shapes, sizes, and colors. There’s also a 10-acre lake. Inside the gardens, you’ll notice a diverse group of wild birds flitting from tree to tree. This is a popular place for birdwatchers in the know.

6. Deep-Sea Fishing on the Ocean

Deep-sea fishing is a popular sport in this area, and the ocean teems with large fish. Choose from among the many charter companies and spend an afternoon out on the water. These charter companies know the best places for getting the big fish in the area. If fishing isn’t your thing, then ride along and keep a look out for the dolphins that like to play in the wake of boats along this area of the Atlantic.

7. Crystal South Surf Camp

Ever wonder what it’d be like to hop on your surf board and ride the wave in? With Crystal South Surf Camp, you and your family can learn the basics of hanging 10. Established in 1996, this surfing camp is the dream of famous surfer, Jo Pickett. This camp can help any level surfer take their game to the next level even if that means standing up for longer than a few seconds.

8. Kitesurfing

Combine the fun of surfing with the thrills of parasailing. You and your family can try their hand at kitesurfing. You stand up on your board and allow the kite to pull you along the water with the power of the wind. If it’s a windy enough day, you might find yourself briefly pulled off the water for a glide through the air. Contact one of the local outfitters for equipment or a lesson.

9. Wrightsville Beach Scenic Tours & Water Taxi

Learn more about the area and the delicate balance of the area’s ecosystem with a tour with Wrightsville Beach Scenic Tours & Water Taxi. This company offers a variety of options from a quick turn around trip on the water lasting around an hour to an all-day trip out to one of the barrier islands that are only accessible by water to enjoy pristine beaches.

10. The Loop

Put on your walking shoes or get your bikes out of the garage at the vacation rental and head to the Loop. If you didn’t bring your own bikes, then stop by one of the outfitters in town to rent them for a day or the length of your stay. This is a loop extends around the island that Wrightsville Beach sits on. You and your family can enjoy wonderful views at almost every turn.

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