Book a vacation rental in or near Paso Robles to get a taste of all aspects of Californian life. Take your kids to one of the many nearby beaches or the shores of Lake Nacimiento in the summer, and enjoy hiking, biking, and horseback riding any time of the year. Wine-tastings and vineyard tours provide a taste of luxury for adults, while the area’s renowned shopping and dining areas offer something for everyone. Book a stay at one of many incredible Paso Robles vacation rentals today. Here are the most unforgettable places to stay at in Paso Robles.

1. Paso Robles

Located a short distance off the coast and inland wine country, Paso Robles is a quintessential Californian town offering amenities that range from luxurious to family-friendly. Take a tour out to nearby vineyards and wineries for an unforgettable day, or head west and visit one of the nearby beaches to cool off. History buffs will also enjoy Hearst Castle, a dwelling constructed in 1865 that’s currently a heritage museum.

2. Cayucos

Situated right on the beach, Cayucos is a small coastal community with a focus on sun and sand. The lengthy pier that stretches from the town out into the sea is ideal for fishing, while the calm waters of Estero Bay make the region ideal for wakeboarding, swimming, and paddleboarding. Vacation rentals here range from bed-and-breakfast style accommodations to rugged RVs, which are perfect for nature-loving families.

3. San Luis Obispo

From Paso Robles, drive due south along Highway 101 to reach San Luis Obispo. This large municipal center on the coast represents a wide range of Californian culture, from surfing beaches to wine tastings. Enjoy outdoor activities, including hiking, swimming, kayaking, and golfing. In the evening or on cooler days, check out one of the local museums or art galleries, or catch a show at a live theater.

4. Arroyo Grande

Visit the town of Arroyo Grande to enjoy great shopping and dining at the clean and beautiful town center. Take a drive or a bike ride to the local farms, flower fields, and wineries. Be sure to check out the many antique shops and independent boutiques in town, particularly down the main stretch, which has maintained beautiful turn-of-the-century facades on many of the buildings.

5. Orcutt

Just a few miles south of the larger city of Santa Maria, Orcutt is the perfect place if you’re looking for a quiet getaway that still provides easy access to shopping, dining, and fun activities such as festivals, public movies, and concerts. Book a vacation rental in Orcutt to situate yourself between the relaxing beaches of Southern California and the metropolitan hustle and bustle of Santa Maria.

6. Pismo Beach

To experience true Californian resort-town atmosphere, head southwest from Paso Robles to Pismo Beach. Known for its massive pier, which extends out from the town directly into the Pacific Ocean, Pismo beach is ideal for surfers, amateur fishermen, or anyone seeking fun and relaxation on the beach. Enjoy an adventurous trek through the Oceano Dunes, or kick things up a notch and book a hummer tour through the sandy hills.

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7. Santa Margarita

The town of Santa Margarita was founded in 1889, and it continues to offer a historic atmosphere with modern amenities. Enjoy the local arts scene, which is fun for families and features year-round special events. Book a vacation rental in Santa Margarita to take advantage of the nearby California vineyards and world-class dining. Outdoor adventures, including hiking and horseback riding, are also plentiful in this area.

8. Cambria

Hit the beach when you visit Cambria, located a short distance southwest of Paso Robles. Surf, paddle, or swim along the stretch of pristine coast, and then head back into town to dine at one of the numerous local restaurants and cafes, where you can enjoy quality coffee, tacos, and authentic California wines. Cambria’s quaint atmosphere is fun for kids and adults.

9. San Miguel

Head south of San Luis Obispo, and you’ll find yourself in San Miguel, a quaint community surrounded by vineyards and ranches. Vacation rentals here offer access old-style homes with modern amenities. Immerse yourself in history when you visit the Mission San Miguel Arcangel, founded way back in 1797 and lovingly maintained right up to the present day. Bring along a bicycle to take advantage of the local trails and cycling paths.

10. Lake Nacimiento

Just a few miles north west of Paso Robles, Lake Nacimiento offers the best of Californian sun and water activities in a calm, inland setting. Take advantage of the numerous vacation rentals, camp sites, and cabins surrounding the lake to find your ideal accommodations. Take a 20-minute drive north to get to Bee Rock, a natural landmark surrounded by picturesque hiking trails with varying levels of difficulty.

11. Morro Bay

Drive south from Cambria along coastal Highway 1 to experience Morro Bay. Originally a quiet seaside fishing village, Morro Bay has evolved into an activity-packed town that offers fun for the whole family. You can hike, birdwatch, or play golf year-round. During the hottest months, make your way to the beach to enjoy sailing, fishing, surfing and more.

12. Chorro

Travel a short distance south of San Luis Obispo to arrive in Chorro. A small community located along a railroad line, Chorro has a frontier feeling and offers great access to El Chorro Regional Park. Book a vacation rental close to town, or bring along your camping gear and stay in the park wilderness, enjoying wonderful views of this hilly region of California. Enjoy easy hiking trails and a variety of communal sports areas.

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