Even though West Virginia is landlocked it doesn’t mean you can’t have a fun beach getaway. The great “Mountain State” is full of beautiful lakes and rivers that have activities for the whole family. Vacation rentals in West Virginia range from charming cabins to large houses in town. Spend a weekend or the week by the lake in West Virginia, we promise it will be a vacation the family will remember for years to come. Here are 10 of our favorite beaches in West Virginia you need to explore.

1. Jennings Randolph Lake Beaches

This 5.5-mile long lake is on the border between Maryland and West Virginia and is nearby many outdoor attractions in both states. The most popular beach on the luscious lake is Shaw Beach, which offers swimming and picnic areas. The lake also boasts water skiing, sailing, boating and great hiking spots. Rent a vacation rental in the area and explore the outdoors in the comfort of your own home away from home. If you visit in the winter or summer you won’t want to forget your fishing gear and hiking shoes!

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2. Summersville Lake Beaches

Summersville Lake has the perfect name for a relaxing summer getaway. The clear water and sandstone cliffs are perks of West Virginia’s largest lake with over 60 miles of shoreline. Book a scuba diving adventure for the family or try out whitewater rafting. The lake is located near several popular restaurants and shops and has a popular campground. Be sure to book your campground in advance to avoid summer crowds or try a Summersville Lake vacation rental for ease and comfort by the lake.

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3. Lake Stephens Beaches

Imagine yourself in the mountains surrounded by trees, water and wildlife. Lake Stephens is just an hour’s drive outside of Charleston, West Virginia and has activities the entire family will enjoy. This lake has some of the most beautiful beaches and hiking spots in West Virginia. That’s not all though; the area also has a paintball park, playgrounds and horseback riding. The beach is open from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. every day in the summer and fishing tournaments are popular throughout the summer.

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4. Seneca Rocks Beaches

This spot along the North Fork South Branch of the Potomac River may be best known as a rock climbing destination, however, it also has calm waters great for swimming. Adventurers and families of all sizes will appreciate the lush scenery and mountain activities. A hike along the creek with bringing you to the popular swimming hole at the Seneca Rocks. If you’re feeling really adventurous check out the Via Ferrata, a rock climbing tour over the creek. The climb is for ages 13 and up and starts at $80 per person.

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5. Lake Sherwood Beaches

This quaint reservoir has picture-perfect scenery and calm waters waiting just outside the town of Neola on the West Virginia and Virginia border. Keep your eye out for wildlife while hiking in the Monongahela National Forest, black bears, otters, coyotes and more have been spotted in the area. Anglers can find a variety of bass and catfish and there is accessible fishing access with a fishing pier and boat launch.

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6. Shavers Fork Beaches

Shavers Fork is a part of the Cheat River in eastern Western Virginia with small beaches and fun activities. Travelers come from around the state to fly fish by the river or just swim in its cool waters. The river is surrounded by trails that lead to riverside caves and panoramic overviews. You’ll also want to check out the Blackwater Falls while you’re in the area. Shavers Fork recreation area is open from April through October and has a campground nearby with toilets and showers. Enjoy the river in a scenic vacation rental for a trip your family will never forget.

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7. Stonewall Jackson Lake Beaches

The beaches of Stonewall Jackson Lake are clean and accessible to many areas of West Virginia. Enjoy the outdoor plaza nearby or rent a canoe for a relaxing ride overlooking the mountain scenery. A variety of restaurants and activities are within minutes of the lake as well as campgrounds and cabins. Don’t forget to bring your camera for family memories and pictures of historical attractions in the area like the Civil War Discovery Trail.

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8. East Lynn Lake Beaches

The heat of the summer can make the days feel like they’re dragging on and on. Cool off and make some memories on the beaches of East Lynn Lake in Wayne County. The drive through the woods will bring you to the quaint lake that’s a favorite with the locals. Try your hand at water skiing or fishing and don’t forget the sunscreen! The weather in West Virginia in the summer ranges from the mid to high eighties with some rainy days here and there. The lake is also beautiful in the fall when foliage and cooler temperatures are here.

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9. Bluestone Lake Beaches

Bluestone Lake has some of the most visited beaches in West Virginia due to its accessibility and beauty. Located just five miles south of Hinton, West Virginia, the park offers so much to do and see. You’ll want to spend several days exploring the many hiking trails, beaches, and fishing spots, so book your vacation rental for at least a long weekend. Bluestone Lake vacation rentals are within walking distance to the water and are perfect for large families or just a party of one.

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10. Sutton Lake Beaches

The bright blue waters and rolling forest make Sutton Lake a picturesque dream vacation. Enjoy a calm day at the beach or rent a jet ski and explore the 1,500-acre reservoir along the Elk River. You can even rent a luxury houseboat adorned with a water slide and other water activities. The area has several campsites as well as vacation rentals nearby best for the full lake experience.

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