Lake Austin, located in Ohio, is an 80-acre lake surrounded by a 1,300-acre park. This green oasis lies within driving distance of Pittsburgh and urban areas, giving you a place to relax, kick off the dust of the city, and reconnect with family. Perfect for Ohio vacation rental travelers! The area offers not just swimming, but a myriad of water and land activities that keep your family busy and give you a chance to relax. Here are the top 10 family activities in which to indulge at Austin Lake.

1. Hike

Hike or bicycle through the woods around Austin Lake. This provides an excellent opportunity to introduce your children to nature and teach them about the different trees and birds living in the area.

2. Swim

Spend lazy afternoons sunning on the sand beaches or swimming in the lake. The lifeguard on duty provides safety for your little ones so that the whole family can relax.

3. Fish

Not only is the lake fully stocked, but there are three fishing ponds as well and no license is required. The catch and release ponds allow you to teach the kids about the fine art of fishing.

4. Do Some Paddleboating

Make your way across the lake or explore nooks and crannies on paddleboats. Team up with one of your kids and allow him to take the lead. This not only adds an educational opportunity to recreation, but it also gives him plenty of exercise.

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5. Kayak

Take a moment for yourself and kayak across the lake. There are also canoes available. Load up the entire family and spend an afternoon on the water.

6. Play with Bumper Boats

Introduce your children to water fun with bumper boats. This version of bumper cars, but on water, is a hoot for adults as well as they intentionally collide with other boats for a rollicking good time.

7. Explore the Creek

Town Fork Creek connects to the lake and runs through Austin Lake Park, providing a prime opportunity for exploration. Kids can connect to nature, dip their toes in the cool water, and look for stones on the bank.

8. Ride on Pedal Karts

Austin Lake fun doesn’t begin and end in the water. There are plenty of trails where kids can drive their pedal karts and race against each other. Even adults can fit in the carts for a little family excursion around the park.

9. Play Volleyball and Basketball

Build family unity with a sand volleyball or basketball game. Older kids can enjoy a game together while the younger ones can muck around in the sand, or spend time on one of the many playgrounds.

10. Boat on Pontoons

Truly relax on one of the rentable pontoons. Load up the family and a picnic lunch, and putter around the lake or let the boat drift gently on the waves. The kids can fish and the adults can lounge in the sun.

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