The trusty old grill used to be solely the domain of steaks, burgers, hot dogs and the occasional batch of marinated chicken, if you were feeling fancy. Today, however, outdoor cooking (as it is now known) easily rivals what you can achieve in your kitchen, thanks to a slew of new grilling accessories that allow you to cook everything from pizza to a fried egg right on your grill. Here are six grilling accessories that you can incorporate into your vacation rental to make your grilling experience feel more like you are in your familiar kitchen.

The benefits are numerous, from whipping up a variety of dishes in one place to far less cleanup in the kitchen, it’s time to get serious about accessorizing your grill. Here’s a look at some of the add-ons you should consider for your grill setup so that you can spend more time outdoors and less time behind the kitchen stove.


1. Grilling Basket



This is a must-have. Simple, inexpensive and versatile, a grilling basket can be used to grill vegetables, fruits and bread without making a mess on your grill.


2. Fish Basket


Grills were made for cooking fish, and not just because it means your house doesn’t smell of fish for three days after you’ve cooked. Yet so many people just wrap the fish in foil and “bake” it, for fear of it falling apart on the grill.

While this is a perfectly fine way to cook fish, grilling it over an open flame brings out so much more flavor. With a grilling basket, you can contain your fish and still let it benefit from the flavor-enhancing subtleties of the grill, especially if you throw some flavored wood chips in there. A fish basket can also be used for delicate meats, fruits and veggies, so it does more than double duty.


3. Casserole Dish


With a cast iron casserole dish, you can cook soup on your grill! While most people probably haven’t been yearning for a way to do that, there’s no doubt that this grilling accessory has multiple uses for outdoor cooking.


Whipping up a Lowcountry boil? Throw some potatoes, corn and water in and let it simmer while you prepare the shrimp and sausage on the grill. You can even get a batch of rice going while you cook up a whole fish on the grill. A casserole dish really will turn your grill into an all-purpose outdoor kitchen.


4. Pizza Stone


Save the oven a workout and throw your pizza on the grill, now possible with a pizza stone. This handy grilling accessory will revolutionize your pizza night. Pizza stones use the convection heat of your closed grill to deliver up the perfect pizza. The stone absorbs the excess moisture, leaving you end up with a light and crispy thin-crust pizza.


5. Griddle


Eggs on the grill? Pancakes cooked outdoors? Yes, please! This griddle makes them a snap to achieve. Simply place it on your grill, heat it up and pour your favorite breakfast dishes on top for the perfect breakfast al fresco.


6. Poultry Roaster

If you thought the only way to cook a bird outside was with a turkey fryer, think again. A poultry roaster lets you upend a whole chicken or turkey onto your grill. Some models even allow you to incorporate your veggies, so they get nice and moist from all those yummy juices. Tell people you cooked it all on a grill and they may not believe you!



Jennifer Tuohy writes for a variety of publishers, including The Home Depot, on everything from smart home gadgets to the latest tech in grilling. She provides great tips on how to use this technology to save time and help make your life easier.