As the largest man-made body of water in Texas — and the South in general, Toledo Bend Reservoir offers a lake vacation that you and your family won’t forget. Stretching for more than 10 miles and sharing a border with Texas and Louisiana, this lake has many beautiful lakeside vacation rentals and cabins, many of which are tucked in out-of-the-way places. Here are our ten places that we recommend looking for a vacation rental on Toledo Bend Reservoir as you begin to plan your trip.

1. South Toledo Bend

On the southern end of the reservoir, make your base for your dream lake vacation. In this area, find a variety of modest lakeside cottages or luxury homes that come with docks and hot tubs for enjoying the sunsets. From this side of the lake, you have easy access to the water and can keep your boat tied up at the dock of your vacation rental.

2. South Toledo Bend State Park Area

For the natural lovers in your family, staying close to the South Toledo Bend State Park is a dream come true. Settle into one of the spacious lakeside cabins or one of the cottages with a lake view. You can spend your days on the lake or out hiking in the state park in your backyard.

3. Fairmount

On the southwestern side of the lake, Fairmount offers a remote and secluded location for your trip. Rent a cabin along the shores of the lake or choose a house with an amazing view. In this area, there are a variety of fishing tournaments throughout the year so cast your line in one of the best spots on the lake to fish.

4. Yellowpine

Enjoy lakeside vacation rentals or find one nestled inside the Sabine National Forest in this tiny area. Located on the western side of the lake, this area offers your family the chance to experience nature right outside your front door. Try your hand at bird watching with great horned owls and eagles making their homes in the area.

5. Hemphill

On the western side of the lake and just outside of the Sabine National Forest, Hemphill is a small town just minutes away from the lake. Enjoy a vacation rental that has room for your entire family from a luxury home to a spacious condo. While staying in town, make sure to check out the Patricia Huffman Smith NASA Museum Remembering Columbia and see the part this area played in helping the recovery of parts of the doomed space shuttle.

6. Milam

Milam is a great little town to make the center of your lake vacation. In addition to the selection of vacation rentals, the road that runs through town also connects the eastern and western shores of the reservoir so you enjoy both sides of the lake. If you happen to visit in the fall, check out the Milam Settlers Day Celebration.

7. Geneva

Just minutes from the reservoir and along the edge of the Sabine National Forest, Geneva has many modest homes for your family vacation on a budget but they still offer the amenities you need. This is the oldest continuously occupied city in the eastern part of Texas so get out and explore the historic sites, such as the old gas station.

8. East Hamilton

On the northwestern shore of the reservoir, East Hamilton has lakeside cabins in all shapes and sizes. If you bring a boat, make sure to choose a rental with a dock so you only need to put the boat in the lake once. From this area, you can spend your days reconnecting with your family and making memories out on the lake from exploring the inlet to trying your hand at paddle boarding.

9. Huxley

Enjoy staying on the northwest side of the reservoir in the tiny town of Huxley. Choose a lakeside cabin or a secluded cottage in the woods as your vacation rental. Step outside your front door and head out on one of the Sabine National Forest Trail and enjoy a day in the fresh air. Don’t forget to pack extra water.

10. Negreet

On the eastern side of the lake in Louisiana, Negreet is just minutes from the Jolly Roger Marina where you can get bait for fishing, supplies for dinner or rent a boat for the day. Many of the vacation rentals in this area are cabins along the lake. Make sure you get the amenities you want from a dock to a deck to watch the sunset in the evenings.