With approximately 235 miles of sandy beach coastline, Oregon is known for having some of the country’s most beautiful beaches that offer stunning views. In addition to its thick coastal forests and dramatic headlands, many visitors come to the Oregon Coast to spend time on its wide beaches that open out to the Pacific Ocean. These are 10 of the best beaches in Oregon that you need to check out during your next visit.

1. Cannon Beach

From sea stars and anemones to crabs and puffins, there is an assortment of wildlife and nature that are to be enjoyed at this special beach, which is home to Haystack Rock—one of Oregon’s best-known landmarks. The rock tower stands at about 235 feet back from the shoreline, and it is protected as part of the Oregon Islands National Wildlife Refuge area.

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2. Clatsop Spit

For the keen clam digger, Clatsop Spit is the go-to spot in the area. This 18-mile stretch of beach is home to thousands of razor clams that range in size, and local enthusiasts even host clam digs and clinics throughout the year. For the avid hiker, there is also a 4.6-mile loop hike suitable for hikers of all ages, and people can often spot brown pelicans, Caspian terns and other types of wildlife during their hike. Stay in the nearby town of Warrenton for easy access to this area.

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3. Gold Beach

Often referred to as “one of the most beautiful beaches in the world,” Gold Beach has been the site of various commercials and television productions. There is a cluster of sea stacks that many come to visit during the low tide, and some have tunnels that can be explored by foot. The bay here is shallow, so it is a go-to spot for windsurfing, surfing and other watersports. At sunrise and sunset, you’ll see lots of photographers along the sand trying to capture the perfect shot.

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4. Oceanside

This quiet and long beach is located right below Oceanside, a clifftop community, and the Three Arches National Wildlife Refuge is three miles away. Grab a coffee in Oceanside’s cute town, then go for a stroll and observe the puffins and other wildlife that can be found here. This is a great spot to go when you’re looking for some peace and quiet away from the business of everyday life.

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5. Rockaway Beach

This family-friendly beach is situated along a stunning stretch of the Oregon Coast, and many visitors go for walks here while hunting down smooth glass fragments and sea shells. One can also spot Japanese glass floats that wash up on the shore, and visitors can check out the tide pools in rocky areas. There are also premium spots for hiking, kite flying, fishing and bird watching.

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6. Sunset Bay State Park

One of the most scenic areas in Oregon, the beach at Sunset Bay State Park is a short walk from the park area and also has trail access that offer premium views of the rugged coastline. The park includes a campground that accommodates RVs, tents and campers, and there are also hot showers and restrooms available for overnight guests. Nearby attractions include a golf course, the fishing village of Charleston, and Gregory Point and Cape Arago lighthouse, which can be spotted at various points along the trails. Coos Bay is the nearest town in this area and a great place to stay.

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7. Nye Beach

Located in the Newport area, this is one of the most popular spots among visitors. Easily affected and molded by winter storms, the shape of Nye Beach will often change. Sometimes it has tall rolling sand dunes while on other days the beach will be perfectly flat. Amenities include bathrooms and picnic tables, and the beach is situated next to the Nye Beach neighborhood, which has lots of cafes, shops and restaurants.

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8. Moolack

This five-mile long beach is situated near Beverly Beach State Park, which is a popular spot for RV and tent camping. This long stretch of sand is desolate and peaceful, and is especially popular among the surfing and birdwatching crowd. The beach is closest to Lincoln City and Newport, and nearby attractions include the Yaquina Head Lighthouse and Devils Punch Bowl State Natural Area.

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9. Horsfall Beach

This white-sand beach has 47 miles of rolling dunes and scenic wetlands, making it appear to be endless. Many people come here to enjoy hikes, horseback riding, surf fishing, off-road vehicle riding, and there is a designated campground two miles away from Coos Bay for overnight visitors. If you come here in the winter, you might catch a sneak peek of some of the ancient shipwrecks which are often uncovered by the storms.

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10. Cobble Beach

Home to Oregon’s tallest lighthouse, this beach sits right below the majestic basalt headland located in the Yaquina Head Outstanding Natural Area that boasts a beautiful coastline. Here, one can observe tide pools filled with all kinds of sea creatures, in addition to interesting basalt rocks. The offshore islands also offer premium views of nesting sea birds, harbor sales, and migrating whales, which can be enjoyed throughout the year.

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