Hotels vs. Short-term Rentals

Events such as the Super Bowl often draw in massive crowds who travel in packs. A short-term rental option fits perfectly for groups seeking space, comfort and privacy. Home rentals often come with private kitchens, swimming pools, BBQs, and backyards which lend itself better than hotels for those traveling with multiple people.

Hotel Rooms Costing $500+ A Night?!

For fans heading to Glendale, the highlight of the weekend is surely game day, and the events leading up to it, not where you lay to rest. With championship tickets being sold north of $1K each, saving hundreds on a place to stay surely deserves a touchdown dance.

Every year event hosts, brands and corporate executives implement hotel blocks to accommodate massive corporate groups traveling to the Super Bowl. Multiple floors of hotels will be reserved months in advance, automatically driving prices up for fans looking to book come playoff time. This crowding leaves the majority of travelers with little inventory at a hefty marked up price.

According to Priceline, the average 3-star hotel for Super Bowl weekend will cost between $400-$500/night. To compare, the average 1-bedroom short-term rental in the Glendale area is listed at just $199/night on Though this is a 32.6% increase over the usual 1-bedroom rate of $150/night, it's a great deal compared to the remaining available lodging options.

If you're really searching for a must-have deal for Super Bowl, there are vacation rentals on listed now for as little as $100 a night!

Location does matter

The most desired short-term rentals for Super Bowl weekend are those walking distance from the stadium. Those are also, however, the most expensive and go up to $6K a night. If you're one of the fans looking to avoid spending thousands of dollars on accommodations, you're in luck. offers a 'search by address' option that allows travelers to search for available rentals around a given location. From there, use the filters to sort by price, type of home, key word or amenities to find the best home for you and your guests nearest to all the excitement.

When users search, they're comparing prices of over 2.5 million vacation and short-term rentals! When the clock is ticking, searching all sites at once helps beat the competition to find the right rental at the best price!