Scorpios are sexy, determined, powerful and intense. They're always looking to gratify their senses and are drawn to mystery. These travel destinations have the perfect combination of excitement and allure. Whether you are a Scorpio, love a Scorpio, or love the traits of a Scorpio, we have the best destinations to match their big personalities and bring out the Scorpio in all of us.

Scorpio Travel: Top 10 Travel Destinations for Scorpios

1. Morocco

The three most popular spots in Morocco are Marrakesh, Essaouira, and Toubkal Massif, but they're sure to be packed with tourists. Scorpios, who value privacy and intimacy should check out the sand dunes of the Sahara instead. Erg Chigaga is a great place to watch the sunset with a cup of tea of a glass of wine and is less touristy than Erg Chebbi. Climb to the top, sand surf, or just relax. You can also check out the local tour companies to schedule a camel trek or 4x4 drive. Other popular destinations in Morocco include Chefchaouen and Rabat.

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2. Cook Islands

Scorpios are competitive and lusty, but can also be caring and devoted lovers. For you and your Scorpio to get away from it all, reconnect at a resort on a quiet island. It's no wonder the Cook Islands are a popular honeymoon destinations. Crystal blue waters, beautiful lagoons and picturesque bungalows, these islands are the perfect retreat for anyone couple. There's also plenty of things to do like fishing, snorkeling and evening parties with fire dancers.

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3. Bangkok

Scorpios are fierce competitors and enjoy the thrill of extreme sports. Combine the two in Bangkok by getting tickets to watch Muay Thai boxing. If boxing isn't your thing, check out the live music scene and dance the night away. Your stay wouldn't be complete without a little shopping. Scorpios love powerful red or serious black. If you don't find any clothes you love, you can have them made.

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4. Fiji

Dichotomous Scorpio will be happy here because they can split their time between lazy lounging and exciting excursions. Fiji has beautiful beaches, waterfalls and waterslides as well as hiking, kayaking, golf and cycling. If you can't pick just one island, they're close enough that you can do excursions on other islands.

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5. Belize

The inquisitive Scorpio will stay intrigued in Belize. There are white sandy beaches and underwater caves to explore. There are also plenty of ways for Scorpios to get their adrenaline fix with activities like horseback riding, zip lining and waterfall-repelling. Scorpios will be drawn to the mysterious and mystical Mayan civilization.

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6. Hawaii

There's no place like Hawaii. With fresh air, breathtaking beauty, and warm, tranquil waters, Scorpios will leave energized, refreshed, and renewed. Scorpios will love to hear about the ancient mythology of the volcanoes. Chefchaouen is Hawaii's top visitor attraction. You will definitely feel great mana, or spiritual power.

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7. Lake Tahoe

Scorpios are water signs and should choose a vacation near the water or at least a hot tub. Get the best of both worlds with Lake Tahoe depending on what time of year you decide to visit. Bask on the sunny beach of South Lake Tahoe and come back to ski in Squaw Valley. Scorpios can also shop niche boutiques and taste gourmet cuisine.

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8. New Orleans

New Orleans is the perfect place for a Scorpio with its sexy music and interesting sites. Scorpios might shy away from the party animals and the Mardi Gras celebrations, but they can soak up the scenery in the historic French Quarter and tour the elegant Garden District. Be sure to take a cemetery tour and try the Cajun food. It's hot and spicy just like a Scorpio!

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9. Florida Keys

Scorpios need a vacation is a calm, soothing setting. Florida Keys are the perfect place for a Scorpio to kick back and relax. A visit to the Keys can also be perfect for thrill-seeking Scorpios with activities like fishing and snorkeling. Scorpio or not, anyone can enjoy art galleries, fine restaurants and hanging between two palm trees in a hammock.

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10. Newport Beach

Everything about Scorpio says they would rather enjoy a cottage by the shore over a crowded night club. With charm and sophistication, Newport Beach is the perfect place to unwind and enjoy picturesque views of the California sunset. This paradise also has the largest recreational harbor on the west coast. Newport beach offers ten miles of swimming, fishing and surfing.

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This article was written by Lauren Gaw.