Know a fun-loving person who likes to travel? He or she might be a Sagittarius—also referred to as the “wanderers of the zodiac.” This zodiac sign is modeled after Chiron, a mythical Greek centaur and archer, who is known for his bravery and transcendence. Sagittarians are known for being adventurous, optimistic, and open-minded—all characteristics that fuel their need for travel, and explain why they are so good at making time to for it.

People born under the Sagittarius sign are never satisfied with what they know, and actively seek the knowledge that they crave. They are an active and enthusiastic group that enjoys change, and others are drawn to Sagittarians because of their kind-hearted nature and genuine interest in others. Here are the top ten travel destinations fit for a Sagittarius.

Best Destinations for Sagittarians

1. Florence, Italy

Sagittarians are lovers of knowledge, and Florence, Italy is a never-ending well of history, creativity, and culture. The city was the birthplace of the Renaissance, and so attracts the curious, the creative, and the intellectual types from all over the world.

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2. Cairo, Egypt

Cairo is Egypt’s capital as well as Africa’s largest city. It’s crowded and chaotic, but also exotic and beautiful. Learning to navigate the streets, haggling over the cost of souvenirs, and basking in the awe-inspiring landmarks will satisfy the Sagittarius sense of adventure.

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3. Seoul, South Korea

Where the party people at? A lot of them are in South Korea. The city is known for its work hard, play hard culture, which means that once the work is done, the fun begins. South Koreans enjoy their nightlife, food, and culture, so pack up your camera, some dressy outfits, and your appetite before you check out this city.

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4. Washington, D.C.

Washington, D.C. is a hub of people, ideas, and culture. It sees a lot of traffic from tourists who want to soak up the history of the United States, but also from dignitaries and professionals on business. Take a look around the neighborhood of embassies, or strike up a conversation with the person next to you at the bar—chances are, they’ll have some interesting opinion on whatever topic you happen upon.

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5. Seattle, Washington

Seattle, Washington is a people’s city. Sure, New York or Los Angeles is more populated, but Seattle is the real gem of the United States for Sagittarians who crave friendly company and social interactions. The unique city offers an eclectic array of attractions, restaurants, and events that will give you a chance to mingle with the locals as well as the laid-back type travelers who pass through the city.

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6. Ibiza

Ibiza is an island in the Mediterranean Sea, and offers the perfect combination nature versus man-made. The days can be filled tranquil activities on the beach or relaxation retreats to clear your mind. Experience a complete turnaround once the sun sets and the lively night scene takes over.

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7. Lhasa, Tibet

Tibet is one of the most coveted yet mysterious travel destinations in China. It’s definitely not an easy place to visit, even for close neighbors. The land is untainted; the environment and culture remain pristine. Sagittarius-born people who want to ponder the mysteries of the universe or need spiritual rejuvenation might find just what they are looking for in this Eastern Asian region.

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8. Istanbul, Turkey

The country of diversity and contrasts should appeal to the thinker in Sagittarius. Istanbul is where “east meets west” (or vice versa), as the saying goes, and is a melting pot of different cultures and backgrounds. Also, it’s where the remnants of 4 empires—Roman, Byzantine, Latin, and Ottoman Empires can be observed. There are endless answers here, but also, endless questions.

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9. Santiago, Chile

Santiago was listed as one of the “smartest” cities in South America by in reference its efforts at becoming more efficient, clean, innovative, and smart. The creative types can visit the city to see progress and ideas at work; the social can get to know the locals; and the adventurous can explore the sights.

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10. Doha, Qatar

Check out this up and coming city before the FIFA World Cup takes place here in 2022. It’s a relatively safe country for travel, and will give Sagittarians a change to see new and unexpected local traditions such as camel racing, also known as the sport of the sheiks, as well as the marketplace of Qatar.

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This article was written by Hanna Choi.