Monthly rentals are the perfect way to escape to paradise for a little longer than usual. Learn how to make the most of your extended stay status with's guide to monthly and short term rentals.

Monthly Rentals FAQ's

Why stay at a vacation rental for an extended period of time?

Besides getting to spend more time basking in the sun, exploring a new city, or mastering the toughest ski slopes, staying in a vacation rental for at least one month can save you big bucks in the long run. Many vacation rental owners offer a monthly rate on their properties, which makes the nightly rate for your extended stay much cheaper than the standard nightly rate for short-term stay in the same rental. Even the slightest decrease in the nightly rate really adds up when you are staying for at least 30 nights.

How can I see monthly rental rates on

There are a few simple ways to find a great monthly rate on a vacation rental. Below are the four simple and easy steps to ensure you get the best deal on your rental.

1. Be sure to enter your travel dates when prompted to do so on the search bar.

Some of our partner sites will automatically readjust rental rates based on duration of the stay. This method does not guarantee that total rental price calculated for your stay represents a reduced monthly rate. However, inputting your travel dates will narrow down your search results to properties that are available for the entire duration of your trip.

2. View the rental listing on before viewing the rental listing on one of our partner sites.

Once you are on the search results page, access the rate filter by clicking on the green "Filter" drop-down menu that appears at the top-left of the page. The "Monthly Rate" filter is conveniently located at the upper right-most position under "Rate."

Please note that the calculated price is not representative of special monthly rates the owner might have set for certain dates and seasons. You must check for special monthly rental prices directly on our partners' sites. You can do this by simply clicking on your preferred rental on, and you will be automatically redirected to our partner's page.

3. Read through the property description.

The quickest way to see if the property manager includes information about monthly rates is to read through the listing's description. If a special monthly rate is not published, you can ask the owner or property manager in your inquiry.

4. Contact the owner/manager.

You will inevitably contact the property owner either by phone or inquiry form before booking your vacation rental. When sending your initial inquiry over email, be sure to ask about monthly rates. Even if the rental listing you are interested in includes information about monthly rates, it is always best to confirm that those listed on the website are accurate.

This post was written by Kelsey Page, Tripping Blogger