Renting a space out for your extended family this holiday season? Make sure that along with being clean, mean-looking, and in tip top shape, that the rental has everything on site that’ll cater to your loved ones’ utmost needs and desires. Here are some tips for finding the best-possible space for your relatives to stay in. Of course, you can use to search easily for vacation rentals.

Follow These 6 Tips To Set Your Extended Family Up In A Vacation Rental

1. Good kitchen space

Who doesn’t like cooking, baking, and perfecting the best of tasty treats during a getaway or vacation? Make sure the rental in question has tons of stovetop and oven space, as well as counter and dining areas to be able to serve up all that food your relatives will be whipping up and chowing down on. Bonus points are always given for rentals that provide extra dishes, utensils, kitchen supplies, and even condiments on site.

Chances are that when your family arrives, they’ll likely be in the kitchen quite frequently, but won’t likely be packing needed supplies within their suitcase. Houses providing even extras like spices or salt and pepper at the minimum can be helpful and demonstrate a true level of consideration.

2. Walkability

It’s always nice to be within walking distance of a charming little town so that you can easily stroll to local shops and restaurants any time of day. Vacation rentals that are conveniently located are always the most ideal and easily allow for fun family-friendly outings and adventures without any added hassles.

3. Public Transportation

Again, location, location, location-- that cannot be stressed enough for any rental property. When considering a space for those rowdy relatives coming into town, be sure to think about the convenience of the house in question.

Allow for a headache-less stay in a neighborhood offering the ease of public transportation options. With simple and often times free access to surrounding local areas, the entire family can better enjoy a relaxing vacation without being concerned about explicit directions to the most convenient neighborhood grocery stores or how to get to and from the airport or central train station back home.

4. Nice views

Who wouldn’t like to wake up each and every morning to the sight of gorgeous white-sand beaches, pristine waters, or breathtaking mountain views? Be sure that the rental site can offer spectacular views that rival even the most luxurious of hotels and resorts in the nearby area.

Think riverfront retreats with panoramic views and breathtaking sunsets overlooking miles of the Elk River, or smaller single homes in a more traditional style with grassy front lawns and sparkling backyard swimming pools in the middle of a quaint Southern town. Maybe even a luxury seaside cottage blocks from the beach? Whatever your choice may be, it’s got to be a nice and quiet location that can easily lend itself to old-fashioned family fun.

5. Space for kids

Like it or not, the little ones take up tons of room and will definitely need ample space to play and keep active in. Be sure that the site is large enough for even the largest of extended families—complete with child-proof furnishings, parent-approved decorations, and more than a number of rooms to choose from that all offer plenty of storage or closet space for belongings, ample amounts of tables and lighting, as well as plenty of fresh linens, bedding, and laundry options in case of potential spills or other unforeseen disasters.

6. Comfort

Simply make sure that any home you seek for your loved ones is a home away from home. It’s extra superb when any rental site adds personal touches such as artwork or photography on the walls, rugs to soften the space, handpicked flower arrangements on the tables, extra pillows and throws on the couch, books, magazines, or movies for guests to help themselves to, board games and cards to enjoy, or even nice-looking collections of unique river rocks, shells, or sea glass placed in jars to gawk over. Sometimes, even the most basic of modern or elegant touches can add a huge and memorable impact.

This article was written by Pamela Chan.