That best bud of yours is finally getting hitched and it is your task, as the best man, to find the perfect place for him to spend his last few days of singledom in. He’s been your go-to-guy, your rightwing man, for too many years now, so like it or not, you’ve got one important last job to do before he goes off to tie the knot.

Face it. Bachelor parties are a whole different breed of travel, one that involves ample thought, care, and lots of prior planning, especially if you want it to be something he’ll remember for the rest of his married life. It can’t just be any old place, it’s got to be good, like really good—somewhere that’s chock full of bro-bonding activities that’ll make his last stint of freedom count to the very end. Send your best man off to matrimony with smiles and in style by putting together the ultimate guys getaway for any summertime groom. Here are nine awesome U.S. destinations for a summertime bachelor party.

Bachelor Party Destinations for Summer

1. San Diego, California

If it’s warm beaches (and beach bunnies) you and the guys want to gawk at, try SD. There are the string of club and party hotels in the Gaslamp District, the numerous off road bike trails to hit up, the wild whale-watching tours, and of course, the infamous Hard Rock Hotel.

Help that bud of yours savor the sweet goodbye of singlehood with ideal weather, beautiful scenery, world class vacations, and an “anything goes” sort of vibe. Plus, it’s only a little more than half an hour away from Tijuana, which makes it the ideal place to blend high quality travel with some seriously raucous party madness—all on the other side of the border.

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2. Scottsdale, Arizona

Take that husband-to-be to the land of green and tee by going on a pleasantly sun-filled golf excursion. Seriously, it’s one of the newest trends in bachelor parties, and with over a couple hundred courses to choose from, this Arizonian hotspot is the perfect place to practice your backswing. Plus, you and the boys can fill up on gourmet steaks after a long day of balling at places such as Kona Grill, then head on over to SIX or Axis/Radius for ice cold drinks to cool you off after an even longer night of wild dancing. Fore!

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3. New Orleans, Louisiana

Bourbon Street or French Quarter parties sure won’t disappoint and really, you can never go wrong with N’awlins for a bachelor party that’s filled with a distinctive edge and some nice southern charm. Though summer may not coincide with Mardi Gras, any time in the Big Easy can truly be a mighty good time. Bar hop along the strip or grab a go-cup to cart that cocktail to the next crowded venue. Don’t miss out on Lafitte’s Blacksmith Shop, the oldest bar in the country, as well as Pat O’Brien’s, which is known to serve up more alcohol per day than any other joint in the world. No joke.

Plus, for those more uninhibited party people, there’s also the option of heading over to clubs like The Cats Meow or Razoo Bar & Patio. Get ready to get down and dirty.

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4. Chicago, Illinois

It was just the “kind of town” that was adored by classic crooners like Frank Sinatra, and believe us, it’s definitely the town to have a well-mannered yet still totally wild bachelor party. Catch a Cubs game at Wrigley Field while downing some beers and eating some dogs. Then head on over to Division Street to check out local breweries like Finn McCool's or the Zebra Lounge. There’s also the retro nightclub scene that’s always available after hours. Head on over to Déjà Vu or the Holiday Club. Hit up a dive bar at Lincoln and Wicker Park, or go a bit more classy by slurping swanky cocktails at Motel Bar. Rain or shine, you can’t lose with Chi-town.

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5. Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Golfers listen up: it doesn’t get any better than this stunning tee spot where some of North America’s best and most stunning golf courses were created. There’s Caledonia, for one, which has been consistently rated among the tops in the country.

Not a lover of the ball? No worries. Try out roller coasters at the Family Kingdom Amusement Park, go-karting at the Myrtle Beach Speedway, or late nights by a beachside that offers a wide variety of bars and clubs to choose from. Plus, “golfing with the guys” always seems to be a pretty great and legitimate front to tell the missus if you and the boys happen to get into some minor trouble.

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6. Big Bear Lake, California

Keep all the horrible, drunken, and all-too-raunchy bachelor party tendencies far at bay by having a nice weekend out with the boys instead. Who needs Hangover-style fun when shacking it up and bonding in an old cabin on the lake can be so much better instead? Summertime at this Californian fave is not only great for water sports-- it’s also just perfect for spending some higher quality time with the guys, all with peace, quiet, and ultimate privacy. There’s no better place to get that bromance on.

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7. New York City, New York

Between Manhattan and Brooklyn, this “city that never sleeps” has got the best in breweries and things to see or do. Madison Square Garden always has something good on tap, whether sports, shows, or special events. You can even fill up that itinerary by going paintballing in the morning, attending a Yankees Game in the evening, and getting super buzzed at the Brooklyn Brewery until the wee hours of the next morning (it’s one of the oldest and most revered NYC drink spots of its kind).

And though the Big Apple may be a pretty pricey place-- especially during those popular summer months-- it’s safe to say that there is nowhere else you and the guys can explore a bustling metropolis, hop on a boat to sail offshore, golf a few holes before the sun goes down, and check into some trendy clubs, seedy bars, swanky lounges, and more upscale joints all in one day. Whatever the budget or the taste, there’s always fun to be had in NYC.

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8. South Beach, Florida

It’s been deemed as one of the sexiest places on Earth and for some, it is the place that puts the “party” into any bachelor party extravaganza. Luxurious hotels are bountiful here, with hotspots like the Clevelander and the Surfcomber offering phenomenal pool-side vibes. There’s the electric downtown strip that’s never short of fine dining options, vibrant nightlife scenes, and gorgeous gals. If sweating it out in a stuffy old club isn’t your thing, head down to the beach with the boys for a couple of brews (as well as to stare at some bright lights, palm trees, and bikini-clad babes). You can even pencil in some adventure outings to the Everglades or Keys in between all that tequila-filled partying.

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9. Nashville, Tennessee

There’s nothing like some good old summer Southern barbecue-style fun when it comes to any bachelor party. And in this “country music capital of the world,” you’re sure to find way more than just great beats. The town boasts an ever-so-lively energy, a more-than-friendly vibe, and a wholly distinctive charm that makes it a truly memorable place to host a last hurrah before any marriage. Along with the famous Grand Ole Opry, there are also plenty of other rocking hotspots in and around Music Row that’ll keep you and the boys entertained for sure. Seriously, they don’t call it “Nash Vegas” for nothing.

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This article was written by Pamela Chan.

Image by Alin Meceanu