Though England is far — especially for those located on the west coast — the fact that it’s simply known as a “hop over the pond” symbolizes how tied together America and England truly are. Posing no language barrier and offering a healthy dose of culture and exploration for parents and kids alike, England is a great destination for a fun family getaway. Here are six great destinations for a family trip around England, all of which are close to a great meal of fish and chips!

Where to Go in England: Family Travel Guide

1. London

Duh! London is England’s capital, and by far its most populous city. There’s endless things to do in this city, with its world-class museums (try to hit the National Gallery, British Museum, Churchill War Rooms, and Victoria and Albert); labyrinthine markets selling everything from fresh cheese to hand-crafted jewelry; and historic monuments (including Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, and Buckingham Palace).

2. Bath

Perhaps made most famous in Jane Austen novels, Bath is known for its hot springs, which drew the Romans to the city, and its beautiful Georgian architecture. The Romans first settled the area and constructed the famous, still standing Roman Baths, but it only became popular as a vacation destination for its spa-like atmosphere in the early 19th century. Explore the city on foot to take in the classically inspired buildings, and pay a visit to the Baths, the Jane Austen museum, and the Holburne Museum.

3. Brighton

England might be known for its dreary weather, but it still has idyllic seaside vacation spots, including Brighton. The alternative and funky city, which might remind visitors of San Francisco, is famous for its pier and bohemian culture. Don’t worry so much about hitting landmarks here; use your time in Brighton to sit back, relax, and enjoy the ocean air.

4. Yorkshire

Yorkshire, in the north of England, is a little far from the other destinations but worth the trek for its unique landscape and culture. The area is most famous for its moors, beautiful rolling grasslands, but is also home to many quaint English towns, such as Beverly. Those looking for a little more excitement can visit the county’s biggest city, Leeds. Kids will also enjoy visiting Castle Howard, a magnificent estate where children can entertain all their royal fantasies.

5. Cambridge

One of England’s two most famous university towns (the other being Oxford), Cambridge is often considered the prettier of the two, if by just a hair. It has 31 colleges, each with its own breathtaking buildings, including libraries, dormitories, and classrooms. It also lies on the banks of the River Cam (hence the name). Likely the best view of the town is the one you can get from punting along the river — a traditional method of transportation where a punter propels a flat-bottomed boat by pushing a pole against the river bed. While you’re there, take some time to daydream about the famous figures who’ve walked on the same sidewalks as you — everyone from Isaac Newton and Stephen Hawking to Arianna Huffington and Tilda Swinton.

6. Stonehenge

One of England’s most famous — and most mysterious — sites is this prehistoric monument, a ring of large rocks that many suspect was intended as a burial ground. Much of England is steeped in history, but Stonehenge likely takes the cake for the oldest of the country’s many famous monuments. Located near Bath, both Stonehenge and Bath can be visited in a day trip from London.

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This article was written by Isabella Sayyah.