Argentina has some of the most beautiful and varied terrain in the world. From the peaks of the Andes to the grasslands of Patagonia, the country is a one-stop spot for a host of outdoor activities. But just because you can shiver at the glacier parks in the country, doesn’t mean you have to. Instead, warm up at some of the country’s pristine beaches.

Argentina's Best Beaches

1. Mar del Plata

The biggest beach destination in the country, Mar del Plata is also an urban hub of its own. Tourists from all over the world flock to this city, the largest and oldest beach resort town, meaning there’s never a shortage of activities. If you want the best weather, go during the summer (this is the southern hemisphere, so that means December through February) to enjoy the oceanic climate, but beware of the crowds. If you want a more peaceful stay, visit during the off-season and discover the year-round, working population of the town — though the beach will be a little chilly.

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2. Pinamar

Located nearby Pinamar and just a three-hour drive from Buenos Aires, Pinamar is a slightly less crowded and more exclusive beach resort alternative. The family-friendly destination, which has both beaches and pine forests, is best enjoyed in the summer months. If the water is too cool for you, don’t worry, the town also has shopping, nightlife and ATV tours to keep you occupied.

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3. Puerto Madryn

Located in Argentina’s beautiful Patagonia region, Puerto Madryn is not for the typical beach dweller. The water is often too cold to swim, but that leaves plenty of time for other outside activities — mainly involving animals. From July through December you can whale watch either from the shore or a boat, and from September through April you can spot penguins around the beach.

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4. Las Grutas

Las Grutas can be considered the best of both worlds. The resort town is located north of Puerto Madryn, but the waters are unusually warm for its southern location. The unspoiled beaches are flanked by caves created by the sea that separate city from beach. There’s less high-end shopping and luxury resorts here than by the northern coasts, but that doesn’t stop nature-lovers from flocking here for a different type of beach vacation. Go sometime between December and March for the best weather.

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5. Pehuen-Co

Perhaps the least civilized of Argentina’s main beach destinations, Pehuen-Co is better suited for the adventurer than the relaxer. The town’s location, in the Buenos Aires province but further south than Mar del Plata and Pinamar, let’s visitors escape from the city without having to go too far. Tourists seeking tranquility will enjoy the “Enchanted Forest” and large beach dunes. The area is also a sight of paleontological significance and was visited by Charles Darwin aboard the “Beagle.”

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6. Entre Rios

For a beach vacation at a different speed, head to the province of Entre Rios, along the Parana and Uruguay rivers. The beaches are still sandy but the river water calmer and the fishing better. Some cities in the region also have hot springs. Despite being inland, however, summer remains the time to visit this river destinations.

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This article was written by Isabella Sayyah.