If you are planning a trip or vacation, it’s easy to get so excited and overwhelmed with plans that you overlook getting traveler’s insurance. You can get an international plan to meet your particular needs, whether that be for doing a long term assignment in a different country, studying abroad, or going on a group vacation. GeoBlue, in cooperation with Blue Cross and Blue Shield, offers five specialty plans for everyone from Corporate Travelers to Navigators and Voyagers. These plans are more specific than the other plans that they offer.

GeoBlue Specialty Plans: Breakdown Of What You Need To Know

1. Corporate – Long and Short Term

Did you boss recently ask you to go on a short-term or long-term assignment internationally? The GeoBlue corporate plan, which offers innovative mobile technology and access to trusted hospitals and doctors, is created for expats and business travelers. If you will be in a different country for 180 days or less, consider the GeoBlue Traveler plan. For long term coverage, the GeoBlue Expat covers you and your family in a different country for a minimum of six months.

2. Voyager – Single Trip - Groups

If you are planning to travel in a group of at least five people, you can get a group insurance rate! You can choose from either the GeoBlue Voyager Essential, which doesn’t require a primary health plan, or the GeoBlue Voyager Choice. The Voyager Essential Group is for trips up to six months for groups of people up to age 74. It gives you a choice of medical limits and deductibles and a 10% group discount. The Voyager Choice also has a 10% discount but it requires a primary health plan and is for ages 85 and younger.

3. Navigator – Long Term - Education

If you are a student and in need of worldwide medical coverage, consider the Navigator for Student Plan. The policy includes injuries and illnesses related to terrorism, surgeries, contraceptive services, and supplies. The plan also includes physical therapy, mental health, substance abuse, and physician office visits, which include preventive care. You can choose from three more specific plans, which include coverage for outside the U.S., in the network in the U.S., or out-of-network in the U.S.

4. Navigator – Long Term - Crew

Are you a captain or crew member? With the Navigator Long Term Crew plan sail boat racing and alcohol injuries, surgeries, illnesses and injuries related to terrorism, and contraceptive services are all covered. You will also have your deductible waived for office visits with doctors and you won’t have a sublimit or waiting period for preventive services.

5. Navigator – Long Term – Missionary

This plan is designed specifically for career missionaries and volunteers. With this plan, any pre-existing conditions that you have are covered with creditable coverage and any deductibles for office visits with doctors will be waived. There is also no precertification penalty for both inpatient and outpatient care. You also don’t have to worry about surgeries or contraceptive services, since they all covered as well. Once you are back home, you can also use the plan on long-term furlough.

This article was written by Colleen Regan.

Photo: Flickr Creative Commons.