Traveling abroad is a rewarding and exciting experience - especially when done solo. Listen to your wanderlust and start preparing for the Euro-trip of a lifetime. Now that it’s time to plan your itinerary, is here to help. Here are eight wonderful destinations fitting for your independent travels through Europe:

Top Cities in Europe for Solo-Traveling Women

1. London, England

First time traveling abroad by yourself? London is the place to go. With a culture so similar to America’s, it’s easy to explore this buzzing city, while also not being overwhelmed by a complete culture shock. You can explore royal London with hopes of catching a glimpse of the royal family, or you can shop ‘til you drop in one of the biggest fashion cities in the world. It’s like taking that trip to NYC, except in a completely different country. Take a ride on the London Eye, snap some pictures of Big Ben and the London Bridge, and catch the latest Broadway show in town. In London, you’ll feel right at home.

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2. Copenhagen, Denmark

Time to brush up on your Danish! The city of Copenhagen is a great place for your solo adventure. You can spend all day admiring the amazing architecture, or go site seeing at the Amalienborg Palace. Don’t forget to stop for a traditional Danish lunch at Aamanns Etablissement! Grab yourself a bike and join the people of Copenhagen while you bike across the city, and take in all of the beautiful art and culture of Denmark.

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3. Marseille, France

The oldest city in France has a lot to offer. Home of the famous Arc de Triomphe, this part of France is fun, exciting and filled with amazing sights to see and places to go. Submerge yourself in all the history of France by visiting all the old churches and palaces in the area including the Notre Dame. If history isn’t your thing, spend your days taking tours through the hilltops or hop on a boat tour at The Old Port. At night, you can catch a show at Le Cri du Port or wind down with a drink at La Caravelle. In Marseille, c’est la vie (that’s life)!

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4. Oslo, Norway

Oslo is the perfect combination of a city getaway and a nature getaway. You can spend your days shopping at antique shops and admiring some of the best home décor in Scandinavian and international design; or you could (depending on the season) go skiing or zip-lining at Oslo’s Summer and Winter parks. You can even stop by one of the many exhibitions that might be in the area. Finish your adventurous day with a drink at Café Con Bar, one of the area’s best places to relax after a long day with some upbeat music and mix of all sorts of people from natives to travelers. The city of Oslo is always changing: now is a great time to start planning that adventure!

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5. Verona, Italy

Verona is the best of the best when it comes to traveling alone. Culture, food, and fashion merge together to provide you with the adventure of a lifetime in this beautiful Italian city. You can spend one day experiencing the best foods and wine the city has to offer at places like Piazza Erbe or Antica Osteria Al Duomo; spend the next taking a tour of the famous grounds where Romeo and Juliet’s story took place (although Shakespeare never actually visited Verona), and another exploring all the different street markets in the area. You can also take the adventurous route and go mountain biking along the River Adige, or go canoeing through the lakes or rivers. When in Verona works too, right?

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6. Barcelona, Spain

What’s not to love about Barcelona? In this wonderful city, you can watch one of the nation’s best football (soccer) teams Barcelona FC, embrace the abstract beauty that is the Sagrada Familia, and go shopping down Las Ramblas, while watching street performers work their magic. When you’re ready to eat, head over to Basque: a tapas bar that is enriched with history and great food. Not feeling too touristy? No problem. Spend your days relaxing at Barceloneta Beach, or if you’re feeling a little risqué, ditch the swimsuit and relax at Mar Bella Beach. Whether you relax or explore, Barcelona is the place to be.

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7. Edinburgh, Scotland

Rain or shine, Edinburgh’s beauty is something to see. A city filled with small shops and historic churches, overlooked by hills that seem to go on forever. Edinburgh has it all! You can shop all day along the Royal Mile, relax and have some tea at Prestonfield, and then take a hike up Arthur’s Seat for a nice view overlooking the entire city. Be careful though: although Arthur’s Seat is listed as a hill, it’s not the kind of hill you’re thinking about. Hiking not your thing? No problem. Check out Pickering’s Gin Distillery and learn how the first exclusive gin distillery in the city makes a nice batch of gin. Edinburgh will definitely show you that perfect combination of old and new, no matter the weather.

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8. Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon is the perfect solo travel spot if you are the adventurous type. Noted as the city of explorers, Lisbon is a welcoming city that is filled with culture and holds a lot of value in Europe. Explore the history of the city by touring monuments like Jeornimos Monastery or the Ancient Art Museum. You can even ditch the history an check out some modern art at the Berardo Museum, which features artists like Andy Warhol and Pablo Picasso (did we mention it’s free?) or hit up the Design and Fashion museum and view some pieces from some of the top names in international fashion. Once you finish museum hopping, you can hang out by the beach or treat yourself to an evening of wining and dining at Belcanto, one of the city’s oldest restaurants, or Guilty, a restaurant to ‘see and be seen’. Europe’s second oldest capital showcases plenty of adventure for you to come and explore, just like the many people that have lived there before.

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This article was written by Kellyn Nettles.