The United States is such a large country that it can be really hard to plan where to go to take the best landscape photographs. From spectacular mountain ranges to the expanses of the plains and lush forests, you can find great photography opportunities everywhere you venture. However, some landscapes certainly stand out among the rest. Check out these 8 places that you can go to get a great picture.

8 Incredible Places for Landscape Photography

1. Arches and Canyonlands National Parks, Utah

Moab, Utah, is an adventure capital of the world and a great place to take interesting pictures of some of the world’s most unusual geologic features. Dramatic lighting and beautiful clouds will enhance the majestic quality of your photos. Check out Arches National Park at sunset, particularly the Windows Primitive Loop Trail, where incredible, golden-colored rock formations contrast against distant mountains.

2. Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona

One of the most visited parks in the entire world, The Grand Canyon is great for capturing the magic of the Southwestern U.S. There are a lot of places that you can go in the park, but your safest bets are the viewpoints, which were chosen for a reason! If you go at sunrise, check out the North Rim and the Lipan and Cape Royal viewpoints; at sunset, head to Hopi, Mather, and Yavapai viewpoints.

3. Yosemite National Park, California

The gigantic, smooth granite faces that rise above Yosemite Valley are an absolutely incredible subject for inspiring photography. Capture moments early and late in the day, where the granite rocks take on the pink and yellow colors from the sunrise and sunset. If you’re a good hiker, make plans to hike up Half Dome for a great view of the valley, or go to any of the waterfalls for a long exposure shot!

4. Pali Lookout, Hawaii

The island of O’ahu is an all-around photographic gem. Rent a car, drive around the island, and stop to take pictures! Don’t miss the Pali Lookout, where you get a phenomenal view of the Pali mountain range. It is often covered in mist and is lush green and has beautiful waterfalls. This spot is located along the Pali Highway and is well-known to locals, but should be easy for your phone’s GPS to locate too.

5. Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming

No mountain range in the United States is quite like the rugged Tetons. Don’t just stay in Jackson Hole when you come here to take photos. If you come during the summer, be sure to hike into places like Cascade and Paintbrush Canyons within the National Park to see the mountains at different angles, and to experience the breathtaking alpine lakes and wildflowers.

6. Quoddy Head State Park, Maine

Explore the easternmost point in the United States and the first spot in the country where you can see the sunrise! Quoddy Head State Park features a beautiful, rugged coastline, that is great for taking pictures. The best parts of this location are the historic lighthouse, which adds character and complexity to your photos, and a trail that goes through a rare Arctic upland peat bog and forest.

7. Whitaker Point, Arkansas

If you’re heading to the South, don’t miss quite possibly the best place for taking an “adventure” photo: the rocky ledge that is Whitaker point is perfect to capture the wandering spirit of a hiker, looking out at the forests below. The trees here are deciduous, so they are particularly beautiful during the spring and fall.

8. Lake Superior, Minnesota

Gorgeous wildflowers, vivid sunrises and sunsets, and never-ending blue water await you (and your camera!) at Lake Superior. Don’t miss Split Rock Lighthouse, Gooseberry Falls, and Duluth Bridge. Consider not only going to Lake Superior, but around the countryside, where you can get lovely pictures of a few more of the 10,000 lakes in the state.

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This article was written by Cathy Trainor.