It’s road trip time! First stop: Texas. Whether you find yourself just driving through the state, or you’re Texas native looking to explore, here are some great places you should definitely stop at on your journey through The Lone Star state.

Where to Road Trip in Texas

1. The Big Bend National ParK

This giant curve is located in the Southwest corner of Texas, so we recommend either starting on ending here; depending on which coast you start from. This region is the definition of natural beauty. You can stop for a day and take pictures, or even go for a quick hike or tour, if you have time. It may be remote, but this park is too beautiful to pass up!

2. The Alamo and The River Walk

If you find yourself driving through San Antonio, The Alamo is a great place for you to stop. This historical battleground is free to the public, and open on the inside from 9:00 to 5:30 every day except Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. When you’re done at the Alamo, head over to the River Walk to eat, walk, and enjoy the essence of San Antonio.

3. Downtown Austin

On your road trip through Texas, be sure to make a pit stop in the states capital. Downtown Austin is similar to many other metropolitan areas across the country, but shows the essence of Austin, as well as the essence of Texas as a whole. Stop for a meal at one of the top restaurants in the area, or going for a quick shopping trip at a one-of-a-kind shop. If you plan on staying overnight, you can go see a show or a concert at one of the legendary music venues. If you time it right, you might be in town to catch one of the local festivals!

4. Downtown Dallas

Downtown Dallas is another necessary stop for your road trip. You can spend one day here, or a whole weekend: whichever you choose, you’ll have a good time. Be sure to check out the local restaurants and breweries in the area, as well as catch a sporting event at night if you’re up for it. You can even go to the Dallas Museum of Art, a free museum that has both historical and modern art.

5. The Sixth Floor Museum

This museum is a must-see on your travel through Texas. Located on the same floor that late President John F. Kennedy was fatally shot from, this museum features all information about his assassination, as well as events leading up to this tragedy. This museum can also be thought of as a JFK memorial site, so you can also come here to learn about the life and legacy of the young president. This museum is located in Dallas, so if you find yourself passing through the city, be sure to stop by!

6. Fort Worth Stockyards

If you’re interested in the history of Texas, you should definitely check out the Fort Worth Stockyards during your road trip. This national historical district is filled with history: from the Texas Cowboy Hall of Fame to the Stockyards Museum. There are also lots of saloons and rodeos for you to go to at night. If you’re looking to eat, the stockyards offer some of the best Bar-B-Q in Texas, so come hungry!

7. Southwest corner of Texas

If you have some time, be sure to stop by Possum Kingdom Lake. This lake offers fun both on land and by the water, so you can swim, snorkel, hike, or picnic. You can even rent a canoe or a paddleboard, if you want to relax by the water. If you want to party by the water, head over to Hell’s Gate: two huge cliffs that mark the relaxing, party scene of Possum Kingdom Lake. If you’re going to be traveling during the warmer months, this lake stop is definitely one you should make for a nice, relaxing day out.

This article was written by Kellyn Nettles.