Beach bonfires are the perfect conclusion to a perfect summer. Close friends gathered around a fire making s’mores and singing along to an acoustic guitar? It’s a scene right out of a movie and perfect for a night out from your vacation rental! Knowing how to build the perfect bonfire is your surefire way to be the hero of summer. Here’s our step by step guide.

Follow These 6 Steps To Make The Perfect Beach Bonfire

1. Do your research

Not all beaches allow bonfires, or you might need a permit.

2. Gather supplies

Split logs arranged in a teepee are the best to start a bonfire. They can be purchased at most grocery stores or gas stations. Drift wood is also great (if it’s dry), and is a great way to help clean up the beach.

3. Pick a place

If your beach doesn’t have pre-built fire pits, you’ll have to make your own. Don’t get too close to the tide, and make sure you’re at least 50 yards away from dunes, brush, or trees.

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4. Dig a pit

You’ll want to make it about two feet deep with raised edges to protect from wind. For extra protection, try to find some rocks to make a circle.

5. Build it

If you brought a fire starter, put that directly in the middle and surround it with smaller sticks and twigs. Dry grass, newspaper, or cardboard (like beer boxes!) work too. Add some larger logs arranged in the shape of a teepee. You’ll want a lot of air in there.

6. Light it up

Use a lighter or matches to light the end of a tightly rolled newspaper and stick it right in the middle. Once the kindling has started, the flames should spread from there. When adding more logs to the fire, carefully place them to keep the structure from collapsing.

Now all you have to do is cuddle up and start roasting those marshmallows! When the party is over, douse the fire with water and cover all the ashes with sand. Make sure you don’t leave hot coals under the sand because someone might step on it.

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This article was written by Lauren Gaw.