August and September mean back to school for thousands of students across the country, but it’s a little bit different for college freshmen who, for the first time, are moving somewhere new on their own. As they prepare to say goodbye, parents flock to campuses with their kids to buy them bedding, help them get to know the area, and get them settled in. While they’re doing that, parents should stay in a vacation rental for these five reasons.

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5 Reasons To Book A Vacation Rental For College Move In Week

1. It will help you get to know the area

Vacation rentals don’t have room service but they do have kitchens meaning you’ll need to acquaint yourself with the nearby grocery stores and markets — the same ones your child will be going to for the next four years. You’ll also be staying in a residential area, so you could get a better feel for the new community your student is becoming a part of and what the people there are like.

2. Quality family time before saying goodbye

Hotel rooms don’t offer much in the way of common space — so there won’t be a place to hang with just the family before you’ll likely be saying goodbye to your son or daughter for the next couple months. At an apartment or house rental, there’s plenty of room to cook together, play a board game, or just watch TV. You also can even bring pets along to many rentals, meaning that your student can have a last romp with Fido before becoming petless.

3. Space to store everything

Sales at all your favorite home good stores likely tempted you into buying a few more things than just the necessities for your student. Before move-in day, utilize the larger amount of space given to you by vacation rental to store suitcases, bedding, laundry baskets, extra storage containers, books, lamps and more. That way, if you drove everything over, you won’t have to leave it in an over-stuffed car, and if you’re buying stuff right before move in, you have a place to put it.

4. Save money

You’re likely about to be paying an arm and a leg to assist your child with tuition costs, so save money on some of the small things, like a place to stay. A vacation rental provides much better value for the amount of amenities and space it provides — multiple rooms can accommodate the whole family, laundry machines means you can do one last load for your kid before they’re on their own, and a kitchen means a lot of money saved on eating out.

5. For your own vacation!

If you’re going to be traveling anyway, make a trip of it. It’s likely that your student will have orientation and want to get to know his roommates and new classmates, so you’ll have plenty of time after you move him or her in to spend on your own. Find a bigger rental with a pool, or one near the center of town in close proximity to tourist attractions and explore your child’s new home on your own or with your other children.

This article was written by Isabella Sayyah.