You’ve just tearfully unpacked from your latest getaway and desperately want to keep all your pamphlets, photos and souvenirs somewhere that you can see quickly and easily.

Instead of cluttering the kitchen counter or letting them catch dust in the closet, turn those vacation mementos into artistic showpieces that you can cherish long after the jet lag wears off. Check out this roundup of DIY projects from around the web and get crafting!

You might also want to consider planning your next getaway.

5 Creative Ways To Save Your Vacation Memories

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1. Smash Book Album

Chronicle all those daily adventures with an eclectic travel itinerary-turned-keepsake you can flip through when post-vacation nostalgia hits. Grab a spiral notebook and cover the pages with maps, ticket stubs, photos, hotel keys, postcards and journal entries. Encourage the whole family to contribute by jotting down their own memories of the trip as well.

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2. Wine “Shadow” Box Collage

Showcase your wanderlust with an modern shadow box. This upcycling project starts with an old wine box. Decorate the outside or inside walls with a collage of your favorite snapshots and add memorabilia like seashells from an ocean getaway, metro passes from an urban junket or dried leaves from a camping expedition.

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3. Beach Memento Jar

Recapture that “sandy toe” lifestyle, well after your tan has faded away, with a knick-knack that inspires summertime vibes year-round. Collect sand from whichever waterfront location you visit and pour into a Mason jar, vase or wine glass “borrowed” from a favorite seaside bistro. Add a few other beachy relics and touristy souvenirs for the perfect vacation memento.

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4. Road Map Coasters

Give your coffee table some international flair with a decorative accent that pays tribute to the places you’ve been over the years. To complete this project, you’ll need a foam brush, scissors, mod podge and spray enamel. Refurbish those ordinary coasters with maps from different cities, national parks, subway routes and more.

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5. Luggage Tag Scrapbook

Create a pocket-sized travel throwback with this innovative and unconventional take on the traditional scrapbooking hobby. Fashion several sheets of cardstock into your desired shape and fill each with journal snippets, thumbnail photos or crafty accents. Connect them with a metal ring and leave the finished piece on your coffee table for an eye-catching conversation piece.

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