Everyone in the family is sure to enjoy a multigenerational beach vacation. It can be a family reunion or as simple as the grandparents joining the kids and grandkids for a getaway filled with sunbathing, swimming, building sandcastles for an all-around fun, beach time. Multigenerational destinations are great for grandparents who don’t live in the same town or state as their kids or grandchildren. Choose one, or several, of our beach locals to meet up and spend some quality, family time together. These amazing destinations are sure to nurture bonding time as well as time to reconnect with youth activities that you thought you outgrew. We’ve targeted beautiful and exciting beach spots that provide activities to cover all ages and are sure to meet everyone’s interests, or spark curiosity, for a sun stimulating and pleasurable time.

Beach Destinations Perfect for a Multigenerational Vacation

1. Amelia Island, FL

Amelia Island offers a no excuses, fun time adventure for everyone’s land and water interests. You may even get overstimulated with all the activity options available to you. Located near Jacksonville, Florida in the sea island chain of barrier islands, Amelia Island’s 13 miles of pacifying, scenic beach is sure to quench all the beach desires for the entire brood. Boat cruising, jet skiing, kayaking, scuba diving and surfing is available in groups and lessons are provided. Paddle down the calm waterways in the Big Voyageur, an oversized canoe sure to pack fun for the entire family. You are sure to spot a dolphin or two as you sail the beautiful waters in a group tour or as the captain of your own rented vessel. Fishing is abundant and a great way to reconnect and catch up on what’s been going on while you wait for a tug at your line. Nearby pristine and scenic golf courses are sure provide a great backdrop for hours of family conversation. Travel along the shores on scooters or horseback and you may discover wild horses on your path. There are a variety of nearby restaurants serving up delectable dishes to satisfy even the finickiest eater. Amelia Island hosts a variety of food, automotive, music, art and nature festivals throughout the year.

Amelia Island Weather

Check the calendar of events on the website for more details. Amelia Island is a year round destination with temperatures in the mid 60’s from December thru February; temperatures peak touching the high 80’s to 90’s from June to September. Your whole family will shower you with kisses of thanks after spending time on magnificent Amelia lsland. All will enjoy this family friendly paradise!

2. Captiva Island, FL

Located off the southwest coast of Florida, take a family stroll along Captiva Island’s white sand beaches with incredible picturesque views and enchanting caribbean blue waters. A great beach for relaxing, creating castles in the sand and collecting one of a kind seashells. Recognized as the “shell capital of the United States,” Captiva Island packs more than 400 rare species of shells which are washed ashore from the Gulf of Mexico. Bring a bucket or net bag to store your unique sea collectibles and take home a few island treasures. In case you prefer a little more stimulation, an abundance of activities await the young and young at heart including: boating, fishing, tennis, golfing, bike riding, underwater and children’s activities.

Captiva Island Weather

Boasting a sub-tropical climate and tagged a year round destination with average daily high temperatures at 85 F; average daily low temperatures at 65 F. You can expect these temperatures April through November. You could not ask for a more tranquil and calming location for multigenerational bonding.

3. St. Simons Island, GA

St. Simons Island is the largest of the four barrier islands in Georgia’s Golden Isles stretching 18 miles of beautiful sandy beach. Relax on the serene shore or take a dip in the refreshing tepid waters. This destination is also considered an angler’s paradise. Fishing in these Gulfstream waters could bag you a marlin or other trophy catch. There are lots of water sports activities including surfing and parasailing for water enthusiasts, to occupy the time. Spend time golfing at nearby lovely and challenging golf courses lined with historic Oak trees, is a sure way to score great memories. Take a break from the sand and enjoy a visit to the island museums and lighthouse at the Historic Coast Guard Station to get a sense of the island’s historic relevance. A visit to St. Simons Island is sure to please the entire family.

St Simons Island Weather

It’s a definite year round travel option for a multigenerational meet up with April through October average daily high’s around 80 F and average daily lows around 68 F.

4. Cape Cod Beaches, MA

Cape Cod beaches top the charts as some of the finest in the world. The expanse of white sand shorelines with your choice of salt water and fresh water beaches, serene waters and body surfing waves, from hidden and quiet Cape Cod beaches to vast beaches with plenty of room for a game volleyball. You’ll find the perfect Cape Cod beach to fit the beach desires of the whole gang. Whale watching excursions at sea and sightings from the shore will surely keep the attention of even the youngest family member.

Cape Cod Weather

Best times to visit are June through September where average daily high temperatures of 75 F and daily low temperatures of 60 F. www.onCape.com.

5. Attaquin Park Beach, MA

Attaquin Park Beach features a spectacular view of Mashpee as it joins Wakeby ponds, the Cape's largest body of freshwater. Calm waters make it a popular destination for relaxing, tanning, swimming, fishing, and boating. This beach park offers a large beach with plenty of room for frisbee toss or a game of catch. Ducks can often be spotted patrolling the shores. Stationed life guards offer security and peace of mind water play, especially for the little ones. Sidestep over to the playground for more physical activity for the youngsters. A basketball net offers three point shooting fun, so bring your own basketball.

6. Ocean City, NJ

This popular family-friendly destination is packed with all the ingredients for a roaring good time. It boasts eight miles of wide, lifeguard-staffed, sandy beach; a boardwalk lined with souvenir shops and snack bars; an amusement and water park. Concerts are performed throughout the year on the Music Pier. In the summer, every Thursday is family night, and free entertainment is presented throughout town.

Ocean City Weather

The best time to take this multigenerational vacation is May through August when the temperatures peak at around 90 F and taking a dip in the cool waters is sure to satisfy.

7. Wildwoods Beach, NJ

For the most all-inclusive multigenerational beach destination with all the special trimmings, Wildwoods Beach packs a delightful punch. Enjoy your time relaxing and catching up on reading while you lounge on the expansive white sand beach of the Jersey shore or frolic in the inviting waters. Water sports and activities are plentiful including jet skiing, parasailing, wave running, surfing and boat rentals. Deep sea, surf and pier fishing options are available for avid fishing enthusiasts. You may even find Blue crab among your catch. Choose from miniature golf, basketball, tennis, professional marble courts and bocce ball for family game time. Take a family bike adventure in a double surrey. This chart topping, favorite beach extends more than five miles and is annexed by the world-known Wildwoods boardwalk which boasts three amusement piers with over 100 spectacular rides and attractions for exhilarating fun. As a thrilling follow-up to the beach, the family can experience the rows of shops, local entertainment and dining spots serving up the freshest tastiest seafood or foods as simple as hamburgers and fries. The exciting night life here is not to be missed after the kids are tucked away after an exhausting day of fun and play. Bring along the family dog to enjoy the doggie beach that is available. Wildwoods Beach provides massive fun for all, especially in the summer months between June and September. On its legendary boardwalk alone, there are three amusement piers featuring

8. Long Beach Peninsula, WA

Long Beach Peninsula proudly boasts twenty-eight miles of stunning, white sand beaches beautifully lining the western coastal shores. Meet the family here for sunning, building sandcastle creations, surfing and flying opulent kites. The family is sure to enjoy the nearby kite museum and the kite festival which kicks off August 16–22. Horseback riding, bicycling and a myriad of all sorts of watersports activities will keep you busy. Salmon, oysters, clams and crabs are some of the delectable crustaceans you might pull from the generous Pacific waters. Stroll along the boardwalk for shopping and dining pleasures. When the young natives get restless, nearby Funland Arcade and carnival rides are perched and ready to tackle their energy. There are lots of dunes and spectacular views to be had at this coastal destination. A great choice for a multigenerational getaway May through September.

9. Miami Beach, FL

Known for year round tanning sun for bronzing spectacular and beautiful bodies, South Beach reigns as the country’s premium beach destination. On South Beach people gazing is considered an acceptable beach activity as you relax on the warm sandy beach or swim in the refreshing ocean water. Lounge chairs, cabanas or umbrellas are available to rent to enhance your family beach time experience. South Beach offers family friendly fun with loads of land and sea activities for all, including unlimited water sports like kayaking, jet skiing, and wave runners. Basketball and volleyball nets are plentiful for those family members who want to exert a little energy. Rent a four-person bike for family cruising and exploration along Ocean Drive. Chart topping restaurants and local snack stands cook up something wonderful for everyone’s taste. South Beach is sure to be a hit with the entire family.

10. Kiawah Island Beachwalker Park, SC

For families that really like the beach for a relaxing, soak up the sun, swim in the ocean beach experience, Kiawah Island Beachwalker Park offers 11 miles of coastal sandy beach for your true pleasure. On a barrier islands located between the ocean and Bohicket River this stretch of beach will provide a tranquil backdrop for your family to dig into the sand and dive into some real quality time. May through Labor Day (September) is the best time to visit.

11. Myrtle Beach, SC

A wow of a family destination is exquisite, sunny Myrtle Beach, South Carolina’s Atlantic coast, is the hub of the Grand Strand, a 60-mile string of scenic beaches. It’s known for its celebrity and world class golfing. Along its beachfront boardwalk are arcades, souvenir stands and restaurants, as well as the old-fashioned Family Kingdom Amusement Park and the SkyWheel, one of the country’s tallest Ferris wheels, stretching 187-feet skyward. While on the beach spend time creating sandcastles, playing bocce ball, frisbee golf, ladder toss or strolling for shells. Surfing, bodyboarding and a myriad of water sports and boating activities will keep you refreshed and frolicking in the water for hours. Shake off the sand and walk the pier for arcade fun, eating pleasures and so much more. Take a ride on the SkyWheel, ferris wheel. Adventure seekers will marvel at the thrill rides.

Myrtle Beach Weather

Myrtle Beach is a winner of a fun, family destination! April through September the average daily high temperature is 80 F; average daily low temperature is 65 F. The kids will also enjoy the indoor pools and water parks for added fun. www.myrtlebeach.com.

12. Queen's Surf Beach, Waikiki, Oahu, HI

Queen's Surf Beach is the stretch of beach sweetly nestled between the Honolulu Zoo and the Waikiki Aquarium, perfect for multigenerational fun. Warm waters and pristine sandy beaches will call your family by name. Pleasant year round weather makes this family destination a prize topper. Snorkeling at Queens Beach is some of the best the island has to offer. The water fronting Queen's Surf is an aquatic preserve, providing the best snorkeling in Waikiki. In this area, fishing and removing marine life is prohibited. Also a bodyboarders paradise! Attentive lifeguards are visible for safe water fun. Take a break from the sand and sun and pop over to the nearby Waikiki Aquarium. Don’t miss Sunset on the Beach weekend evenings when free movies are shown outdoor on a big movie screen. A great way to wind down your day of family fun. www.to-hawaii.com.

This article was written by Sharon Cleveland Blount.