It can be tough for people in their twenties to make the move abroad—it often takes a combination of determination, persistence, and luck to find a job. Many countries that are popular with tourists have extremely strict immigration laws, but that doesn’t mean that it’s impossible to move. Start your research with the following locations—considered to be some of the best places in the world to work abroad for 20 somethings.

Best Places for Young Adults to Work Abroad

1. Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok is one of the quintessential cities where people who want to live in another country dream of ending up. Particularly popular with culinary professionals, the city is filled with delicious street food stands and fusion restaurants owned by young expats. The relaxed, beachy atmosphere in the city is a world away from stuffy corporate culture.

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2. Oslo, Norway

Historic Oslo is known for its youthfulness and its sophisticated style of living. Oslo, Norway, and the rest of Scandinavia are also famous for their low tuition rates compared to schools in the USA—if you’re thinking about graduate school, consider studying here! Plus, the proximity to Norway’s beautiful fjords and the opportunity to see the Northern Lights can’t be beat.

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3. Auckland, New Zealand

As New Zealand’s largest city, Auckland attracts young people from all over the globe. Known for its high quality of life, Auckland, along with all of New Zealand, is easily accessible to Americans through the Working Holiday Scheme—a program that allows people under age 30 to spend up to a year in the country vacationing, working, or studying.

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4. Dublin, Ireland

Always popular with students, Dublin is known for its cheery people and welcoming atmosphere. Similar to New Zealand, Americans can spend a year here through the Working Holiday Scheme. If you have experience working as a bartender or in the food service industry, working in one of Dublin’s many pubs would be a great way to fully immerse yourself into the local culture.

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5. Paris, France

Paris, France’s largest and most-loved city, is a dream destination for almost every 20 something due to its food scene, cultural significance, and hip hangouts. The city is popular with young Americans working as Au Pairs for French families and with educators through programs such as the Teaching Assistant Program in France (TAPIF).

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6. Singapore

Singapore is one of the fastest growing locations in Asia, popular with people wanting to work in areas like technology and electronics. Singapore is another country popular with Americans doing the Working Holiday Scheme. As an added bonus, one of the official languages of Singapore is English—making it much easier for young Americans to navigate the unfamiliar territory.

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7. Barcelona, Spain

Young people are drawn to Barcelona for its warm weather, fun beaches, and relaxing atmosphere. For teachers, the Auxilar de Conversación program is a great way to use teaching skills to help Spanish youth with their English. Similar to France’s TAPIF, this program involves working at a school as an English teaching assistant.

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8. Shanghai, China

As one of the world’s biggest cities, Shanghai is known for its contributions to the tech industry and is a popular place for young 20-something expats. Many large US companies have offices in Shanghai—ask your employer if an inter-company transfer would be possible. Knowing Mandarin is important to thriving in Shanghai, so start studying now!

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9. Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo, another of the world’s biggest and best cities, is another location popular with young educators due to the JET (Japanese Exchange and Teaching) program. No prior knowledge of Japanese is required, making it an attractive option to those looking to explore the area and culture for the first time.

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10. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Rio de Janeiro is known for its spectacular landscape and fun atmosphere. Recently, Brazil has found itself in need of people to fill professional positions in the workforce and has somewhat relaxed the rules regarding immigration for in-demand educated professionals. Bonus points if you speak Portuguese! Use this neighborhood guide to get acquainted with Rio!

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11. Dubai, United Arab Emirates

A city known for its futuristic, glittering skyline, Dubai offers young professionals the chance to use their professional skills to advance in their career while living in a new country. With opportunities in almost any field, booming Dubai is one of the top picks for young people who want to work abroad.

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This article was written by Kaitlyn Lannan.