What a happy occasion! Your loved one worked hard for (about) four years and is graduating from college. You can't wait to watch them walk across that stage to receive their diploma, but wait! There's so much to think about from the perfect graduation present to preparing grandma for a day in the sun. It's a lot to deal with, but the first step to a successful commencement weekend is finding a place to stay. Here are ten tips for finding the best place to stay so that your visit is smooth sailing!

Use These 10 Tips To Make A Vacation Rental Booking For College Graduation

1. Make your reservation early.

Thousands of students graduating means even more friends and family traveling to the exact same location for the exact same weekend. Book early to guarantee that you'll have a place to stay.

2. Stay close.

Check what places are within walking distance of the commencement ceremony. It will be a busy day, so the last thing you'll want to do is worry about traffic and getting lost.

3. Find public transportation.

If all the places nearby are booked up, check the bus or trains stops in the area. With so many visitors, parking will be a nightmare. Staying at a hotel next to one of the nearby public transportation spots will ensure easy travel. Plus, it might be nice to stay away from all the craziness going on near the university.

4. What's your college grad's favorite part of the city?

Graduation is extremely stressful so how about treating your loved one to a mini vacation? There's nothing quite like staying in a hotel room away from school after a long day of graduation events.

5. Check for on-campus accommodations.

Everyone says that college is the time of your life. Some school's offer limited on-campus accommodations for visitors so you can relive the glory days!

6. Check for special rates.

In addition to on-campus accommodations, some schools offer special commencement rates at nearby hotels for those traveling to the ceremony.

7. Find the schedule.

A lot of graduations aren't a single day affair. There may be additional awards ceremonies, parties, or other events. Tack on some sightseeing and you might want to stay an extra day or two.

8. Use travel rewards.

You've been racking up all those points for a special occasion. The time is now! Credit card companies often have access to a special block of rooms that isn't available to the general public. You might even save a buck or two.

9. Ask around.

When doing an online search, the usual chain hotels always pop up. Asking a local's advice might open your eyes to that charming bed and breakfast that will be your go-to spot every time you visit from now on.

10. Think outside the box.

Hotels are the traditional way to go, but what about a vacation rental? If you're traveling with the entire family, renting a house might be the best option.

This article was written by Lauren Gaw.