A few weeks ago, tourism and travel publication Price of Travel published a researched list highlighting the most affordable European cities to fly to from top cities in the U.S. and Canada. With budget friendly travelers in mind, Tripping.com has developed travel guides to these lists, helping U.S. based travelers decide where to visit next in Europe. To determine the cheapest European cities to fly to from NYC, Price of Travel found the cheapest flight departing from New York City in early May and averaged it with the cheapest fare in mid July. Check out the cheapest cities to fly into from New York City here:

Cheapest Cities in Europe to Fly to from N.Y.C.

1. Oslo

Cost: $583

This northern city is a fantastic destination during the summer months when the sun goes down late at night and rises early in the morning. Oslo is home to many amazing attractions, like the Viking Ship Museum, the National Gallery and Royal Palace. For those who enjoy fish, don't leave this Scandinavian city without sampling some!

2. Paris

Cost: $653

You can’t beat the romance of Paris! Walk around the Tuileries Gardens where you can sit in the shade at cafes for a mid-afternoon break from the sun. See the incredible art (including the Mona Lisa) at the Louvre, and the impressionist paintings of the Musee D’Orsay. With gorgeous architecture, world-class art, and tempting cafes sprinkled throughout the city, Paris deserves a spot on your travel list.

3. Dublin

Cost: $684

This irish city is one of Europe's most popular cities among tourists. For an afternoon of learning, head to Kilmainham Gaol and the Glasnevin Cemetery Museum, or for a more relaxed day, plan a picnic on St. Stephen’s Green. And don't forget, Dublin is home to the world-famous Guinness Factory. Learn to pour the perfect pint then enjoy your beer with a fantastic view of the city atop the factory.

4. Copenhagen

Cost: $702

People in Copenhagen are some of the happiest and friendliest in the world, despite the gray weather! With castles, water, great food, and friendly people, what more could you be looking for. Head to Copenhagen to experience it for yourself!

5. London

Cost: $703

London is a global center for business, economics, and of course, travel. With restaurants serving every type of ethnic cuisine under the sun, this England hotspot is great for foodies. Top popular attractions here include Buckingham Palace, the Crown Jewels at the Tower of London, Big Ben, and the British Museum, though there are countless more to discover in and outside of the city!

6. Berlin

Cost: $705

Berlin is widely considered to be the hottest city in Europe right now. A center for innovation, art, and music, Berlin attracts international travelers of all ages. Plan a visit to experience the city firsthand!

7. Moscow

Cost: $709

Moscow is a beautiful city to visit at all times of year, but particularly in the spring and summer when it's gorgeous gardens are in bloom. Fortunately for tourist, its metro system is one of the best in the world, which allows you to navigate the city with ease. Stroll through the numerous parks, tour the Kremlin and stand on Red Square. With surprisingly affordable airfare, consider treating yourself to a trip to Russia!

8. Stockholm

Cost: $719

With great natural beauty and many fascinating attractions, Stockholm is a fantastic destination for tourists visiting Europe. Fun, educaitonal activities to do in Stockholm include visitng the Nobel Museum, touring Drottningholm Palace and Gamla Stan. Great food and sites await in Stockholm so start planning your visit now!

9. Istanbul

Cost: $741

Get a taste of East and West in Istanbul, which stands on the continental border of Europe and Asia. Its mosques, markets, food and history offer a feast for all of your sense. Start planning a trip to this fascinating Turkish destination.

10. Frankfurt

Cost: $755

Due to its location on the River Main, Frankfurt has long been a very important economic and commercial center in Europe. Also known as Frankfurt am Main, this German city's interesting architecture, history, and art attract tourists from near and far. See what Frankfurt's all about firsthand by planning a visit.

This article was written by Cathy Trainor and edited by Lexi Perman.