World's Tallest Water Slide

Imagine plummeting over 12 stories, wearing just your swimsuit. Ride Isano, the world's tallest freestanding water slide and that's just what you do.

Just how tall is the world's tallest water slide?

It's 41 meters (134.5 ft) high! And according to the water park's website, riders can reach speeds of up to 105 km/h (65.2 mph).

And how long does it take to make it to the bottom of Isano?

It's incredibly quick. The ride down takes approximately 4-5 seconds. That's either the quickest top ten fun moments of your life or the longest few seconds of regret. Either way it's an epic ride!

Where is this incredible water slide?

It's in Fortaleza, in Northeastern Brazil.

The nearest airport is Pinto Martins – Fortaleza International Airport.

Would you take the plunge down this incredible water slide?

Take a look at this video and leave a comment!

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