WorldNomads 2013 Travel Film Scholarship to New Orleans

This week marks the launch of WorldNomad’s 2013 Travel Film Scholarship to New Orleans. Join professional filmmaker Brian Raspey to discover and film the wonders of The Big Easy. Enjoy a 10-day mentorship and produce a 3-5 minute travel themed video that will to be shared with the world. As a proud supporter of this scholarship, we encourage you to check out the details below.


Applications Accepted: September 3 - November 6

Judging Period: November 6 - 28

Winner Announced: November 29

Assignment: Feb 26-Mar 8, 2014


This year, the 2013 World Nomads Travel Film Scholarship is giving a filmmaker / presenter duo the opportunity to accompany professional filmmaker Brian Rapsey, on assignment in New Orleans.

The lucky winner will find out firsthand what life is like in the field for travel filmmakers and learn the tricks of the trade during this 10-day mentorship experience in New Orleans during Mardi Gras.

This assignment is about really finding out what makes this melting pot of a city tick - from exploring Mardi Gras traditions to delving into the vibrant music and food scenes that the Big Easy can claim as their very own!

The winning team will be required to produce 3-5 three-minute travel-themed videos that we will share with the world!

How to Apply:

  1. Compile a 3-minute travel video on one of the chosen themes.

  2. Go to YouTube or Vimeo to upload your video.

  3. Prepare a 1200 character essay answering the following questions:

    1. What inspired your subject matter?

    2. What has been your filmmaking experience to date?

    3. What is your ambition as a filmmaker/presenter and what would winning this scholarship mean to you?

  4. Click the ‘apply now’ button on the application page and follow the steps, attaching your video and essay.

Who can Apply:

Any non-professionals (from any country) over the age of 18 can apply - this is open to film students, or anyone who's trying to build a career in filmmaking and/or presenting!

You can apply as a solo applicant acting as both the presenter and filmmaker, or in a team of two, one person in front of the camera and one behind it.

For more details and to apply, visit Applications close November 6th!