World Wide Wed: Pay It Forward

Kindness is a universal language - one that is heard everywhere, but seems especially loud while on the road.

We are constantly inspired by our members and your stories. We were particularly moved by your comments on a facebook status last week: Tell us about a random act of kindness from your travels - so much so, that we decided to feature this language and your stories for this week's World Wide Wed post.


It's all about the simple idea of paying it forward.

Ashley: While at Lake Tahoe last year, I couldn't get the chains on my tires (due to lack of physical strength), and a very nice man helped me and then would not let me pay him. He said to just pay it forward and help someone else.

And can often make your first impression in a new place.

Kaushal: First day in Columbia... after having heard enough of "isn't it scary/risky" and refusing to believe such non-tested arguments, I found myself talking to one of the oldest men I've ever met. He was as local as local can be - came from a Guarani descent and spoke Quichua. When I told him in my broken my broken Spanish that I was here to explore his country, he was delighted to assist me in locating a shared taxi to reach my destination, the beautiful Las Lajas. He wished me a great stay and I knew already that I was in a great country with great people. :)

Some travel in order to do good.

Nicole: There are many schools in Jamaica that need help including technology. Since I am an IT person, I put together a laptop with specialized learning software for Sandy Bay Basic school along with a suitcase of school supplies. The children were so loving and caring. It was like an amazing visit and I recommend everyone do something like this when traveling.

Many travel and are inspired to do good.

Grady: I travelled by rail across Western Europe the summer of my 18th birthday. In Rome I left my man-purse on a towel dispenser and lost $2200 or so in traveler's checques and my passport. Without my asking and with no guarantee of return, Eyal Sasoon from Raman Gan in Tel-Aviv, Israel, loaned me $300 to keep me from being broke while I recovered from the loss.

Grady: When in Barcelona on trip mentioned above, myself and three other travelers were splattered with chocolate from above. Near a fountain we all were busy cleaning our jackets and such when the wife of the older gentleman who was suffering the same fate screamed. The camera had been snatched by the perpetrator of this simple setup. Speaking some conversational Spanish after losing the crook in a foot chase, I helped translate to the police the nature of the incident. Two weeks later I saw the same couple again, this time in Nice. The first incident was stressful, the second was nice.

Elizabeth: My friends and I were camping on a beach with no electricity or running water. We went to a nearby house to ask for some water, and the lady who answered the door had just spilled boiling water all over her body and it was burning her still and she was getting blisters all over... we helped take care of her 3 kids while one of my friends helped take the woman to the only doctor in the small town to get treatment.

And most of these incidents stick with you forever.

Angel: Traveling with my little girl, my radiator blew a hose and I pulled over at a park. It was so hot I was just trying to find some shade. It was a Sunday and no mechanics were open. A homeless guy came over and I kind of shied away from him and told him I didn't need help. After a half hour he came back over offering to try and fix my car... and he did! He wouldn't take any money from me. By the way, while he was working on my car, I was studying his face and I swear under the dirt and smells, this guy looked like he could have been Brad Pitt's twin!

THANK YOU to all our facebook fans contributing to the Tripping Community. Your comments are invaluable and inspire all of us to do good every day.