Wonders of the World: Charles Bridge in Prague

The Charles Bridge in Prague is undoubtedly one of the most iconic bridges in the world. Built between the mid 1300s and early 1400s to connect Prague Castle and Old Town, it was the only way to cross the river Vltava until 1841.

Today the Charles Bridge is as breathtaking as ever. It rests on 16 arches and is 515 meters (over 1,600 feet) long. And it is an equally impressive 10 meters (almost 33 feet) wide!

Thirty statues and statuaries decorate the length of the bridge. The statues were added to the bridge around 1700 but have since been replaced by replicas.

The bridge has survived floods, wars and other disasters but remains standing as a testament to its architectural genius. Its beauty and historic significance make it one of our favorite wonders of the world.

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