With Love From Tripping: The Way to Work (East Coast Team)

Tripping's West Coast team gave us a peek at their 12-minute commute to the office not long ago. Now the East Coast team gives us the inside scoop on their trip to work. Wowee-zowee, West Coast – 12 minutes and majestic views of the beach and the Golden Gate Bridge? I have to say I might be a little jealous if I didn’t consider New York to be the greatest city in the world (and yes, I’d love to be challenged on that!). I guess the best way to begin the East Coast commute is with some numbers: -Walk to the subway: 10 minutes -Subway to Harlem 125th St Station OR Grand Central: 30 minutes -Metro North to Stratford, CT: 90 minutes -Car-ride from station to Jeff’s place: 15 minutes -Total time: 145 minutes. I think the most interesting part about this commute may be that we’re not the only ones that make this – and in some cases, there are folks that drive even further, but people do it for a reason. NYC is an incredible place because of its size and diversity – both in land and in population! The city never stops: there’s always a show to go to, people to meet up with, new food to try and places to get lost in. I can’t say I’m always eager to make the trek north, but ya know, it’s not a bad ride and thanks to NYC being NYC, you often run into some interesting characters or situations that at least give you a story to share in the car-ride that follows. - Bianca And Bianca, you do always have the best stories. You make new friends on every single bus, train, airplane, boat, taxi you ride. Thanks for sharing your commute photos!