After months of following the presidential campaigns, it’s finally time for inauguration. If you’re planning on attending the inauguration but not sure where to stay, this list of neighborhoods provides a simple breakdown to help you plan your trip. From Downtown to Dupont Circle, DC has a variety of neighborhoods for you to stay in during the inauguration.

The 6 Best D.C. Neighborhoods To Stay In For The Inauguration

1. Georgetown

In Georgetown you can go on a Washington Monuments Cruise to see all the favorite DC historic spots, including the Washington Monument and the Jefferson Memorial. After the cruise, relax in the Georgetown Waterfront Park. Go to one of Georgetown’s house museums, such as Tudor Place, or go shopping in Canal Square. You’ll definitely be stuck in traffic if you try to drive to the inauguration, so your best bet is to take public transportation, which takes about 38 minutes.

2. Clarendon

Clarendon is a very walkable area and is filled with restaurants and bars, especially on Wilson Boulevard. You can rent an apartment or townhouse within minutes of the shopping areas. To get to the inauguration, you can take the orange line, switch to the silver line, and then walk.

3. Eastern Market

Stay in Eastern Market if you want to be close to Capitol Hill and the inauguration. The market is filled with vendors selling local food, drinks, and art. From Eastern Market you could get to the inauguration by walking for about 25 minutes or taking the bus to save about 10 minutes.

4. Downtown

Downtown Washington D.C. is filled with some of the top historic sites in the country. Explore the National Air and Space Museum, see the Lincoln Memorial, and visit the International Spy Museum. Downtown is about 30 minutes away if you take public transportation. There are several options. You could take the red or blue line, or take one of two buses.

5. Dupont Circle

In Dupont Circle you can go inside of President Woodrow Wilson’s former house, explore the National Geographic Museum, and go to the bars and restaurants along Connecticut Avenue. It is too far to walk to the inauguration from Dupont Circle. Taking the red line takes about 25 minutes or you can take the blue line or the bus.

Photo: Flickr

6. Columbia Heights

Columbia Heights is a diverse neighborhood of DC that has a lot of restaurants and condos and townhouses for rent. In Columbia Heights you can see a show at the GALA Historic Theatre, go to happy hour on 11th Street NW, and walk around Meridian Hill Park. From Columbia Heights you can take the green line, transfer to a bus, and then walk. This should take about 35 minutes.

This article was written by Colleen Regan.