What Are Your Favorite Travel Souvenirs?

Travelers can find it hard to let go of their most recent journey. For some of us, the easiest way to keep a piece of our travels with us at home is to collect things. The memories of the trip can remain on our walls, on our bulletin boards, or in our wallets, easy to find in those times between our travels. Some people collect shot glasses from various parts of the world, others find keychains. My souvenir of choice? "Do Not Disturb" signs from hotels around the county. I have collected about 40 of them - each one with their own story and memory. From the Smiley Lewis reference on the Las Vegas Hard Rock Hotel's sign to the simple and direct "Shhhhhhh" that graces the front of the Ritz Carlton's, each one has its own little personality. Yet each one has a very simple purpose that easily translates when I am back home: I am sleeping and I really don't want to wake up. Yet! What are your favorite travel souvenirs? Tell us in the comments or show us by sending us photos to [email protected], so we can feature you and your souvenirs in a future post! -Grahame