Visit to a Seaside Temple: Haedong Yonggungsa in Busan, South Korea

Few temples have as stunning a location as the seaside Haedong Yonggungsa in Busan, South Korea. I visited on a scorching summer day and was lucky enough to avoid the massive crowds that typically flock to this destination.

I was thankful to enjoy the temple and surrounding scenery without being pushed and elbowed as I usually do in the hordes of Korea I often find myself in.

Had it been teeming with tourists I may not have had my shot at making my wishes come true by attempting to throw my coins into bowls in the middle of a pond, nor would I have found the little tiny buddha statuettes hidden around the temple grounds.

Going early paid off, but unfortunately I was left waiting for the bus back to town at the hottest time of day, without an inch of shade to be found.

This was a guest post by Danielle Koffler, a Los Angeles native, currently teaching English in Seoul, South Korea.