10 Best Places to Stay and Catch the 2017 Solar Eclipse

Do you remember what you were doing 38 years ago? It’s a possibility that you, or at least many observers across the United States, were marveling at the most recent total solar eclipse that was visible in America. The wait is finally almost over and the next solar eclipse is just around the corner on August 21, 2017. We have the best places to stay and catch this phenomenon that only happens several times a century. Book a vacation rental in Oregon or across the country in South Carolina and enjoy the view of the sun being completely covered by the moon. Here are ten of the best places across the country to stay with your family during the next solar eclipse.

1. Newport, Oregon

You can catch a partial solar eclipse almost anywhere in the United States on August 21, however, in order to see a total eclipse, you need to be in the path of totality. Fortunately, this line goes diagonally through the center of the United States and starts in the Oregon. You can rent a vacation rental in Newport, a coastal town only two hours from Portland, for optimal eclipse viewing along the coast. You’ll be able to watch the eclipse from the comfort of your vacation rental’s porch and enjoy a home cooked meal. It’s likely you’ll be able to catch the eclipse from anywhere in Oregon, but try to go somewhere with few clouds for the best view.

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2. Boise, Idaho

Boise is the perfect place to call home base for your eclipse escapades. Take a trip to the Boise National Forest or check out the Idaho Botanical Garden. Then, drive just north of Boise to be in the path of the total solar eclipse. The eclipse is projected to begin around 11:30 a.m. in this area, so get the kids up, bring your eclipse shades and be prepared to be amazed.

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3. Grand Teton National Park

Watch the solar eclipse in the beauty of the Teton mountain range in northern Wyoming. This national park is in the middle of the path of totality and will make your experience even more unreal. Vacation rentals in the area range from quaint cabins to lavish lodges and everything in between. The park is also very close to Yellowstone, where the eclipse will also be highly visible.

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4. St. Louis, Missouri

Both Kansas City and St. Louis are on the path of the total solar eclipse, meaning you can be in the city and still enjoy the show. St. Louis has vacation rentals perfect for a weekend trip or a weeklong adventure, perfect for your family’s needs. Watch the solar eclipse under the famous Gateway Arch in St. Louis and don’t forget your solar glasses that you can buy online. Be sure to book your trip in advance and get there early, traffic to areas in the path are expected to heavy.

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5. Carbondale, Illinois

The path of the total solar eclipse only goes through southern Illinois; however, the duration of the eclipse is longest here at around 2 minutes and 30 seconds. Just an hour south of Mount Vernon, Carbondale is one of the best places in the nation to see the solar eclipse. In fact, the town is expected 90,000 visitors just for the day. Southern Illinois University will be hosting an eclipse event with speakers, video feeds from around the country and much more.

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6. Nashville, Tennessee

Take your family to the “Country Music Capital of the World” for fun, music and of course, optimal solar eclipse viewing. During the total solar eclipse, the city will momentarily be dark and the horizon will be dipped in sunset colors. Vacation rentals in Nashville are close to a variety of attractions the Music City has to offer, so book your trip before the big day!

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7. Great Smoky Mountains National Park

A nice hike or ski lift will get you to the top Clingmans Dome or one of the many other mountains in North Carolina. Located on the path of the total solar eclipse, Great Smoky Mountains National Park is the perfect family vacation. Be sure to bring your camera and store your hiking gear in your convenient vacation rental. Find an area that won’t block the view with trees or clouds and enjoy the majesty that is the solar eclipse.

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8. Bowling Green, Kentucky

Southwestern Kentucky is right in the middle of the eclipse action, perfect for exploring the Bluegrass State. Stay near Bowling Green or Hopkinsville for ideal views of the eclipse for nearly the longest duration in the county. You can see the total eclipse fairly well is almost every area of the path, so just make sure to find a spot that’s not too cloudy and enjoy the bucket-list experience.

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9. Lincoln, Nebraska

Book your vacation rental in Lincoln and be prepared to be amazed. What’s perfect about Nebraska is that there are few trees and obstacles to get in the way of your viewing of the eclipse. It’s recommended to utilize Interstate 80 that goes straight through Nebraska. This way, you can avoid areas with clouds and crowds.

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10. Charleston, South Carolina

The solar eclipse finishes off around 2:36 p.m. in South Carolina and is viewable across much of The Palmetto State. Take the family to Charleston and check out Fort Sumter and the Magnolia Plantation and Gardens before staking out a place to view the eclipse. The Waterfront Park is a great place to enjoy the eclipse along the water.

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