Video Validation - New Safety Feature!

A few weeks ago, we were sitting around talking about how we can make Tripping even safer for our members. Since most of you are meeting each other in real life, we know that keeping our community safe is a top priority. We wondered what would happen if we conducted face-to-face interviews over Skype, where we could validate a member's identity by looking at his or her passport. It seemed like a pretty easy solution and, since Tripping is all about connecting with people, we loved the idea of being able to chat one-on-one with our members. After talking about it, we were still on the fence about whether we should dedicate time and resources to building a new feature. But then one of our team members asked a question: Imagine you're hosting someone tonight. Would you rather host an anonymous Tripper or one who has proven her identity to Tripping by showing her passport and proof of address? It was an easy question - of course we'd prefer to host someone who has proven her identity. That settled it and we've spent the past week building Video Validation and updating our other safety features. This is the first time a site has introduced Video Validation and we would LOVE to hear what you think about it. Send us your comments and please don't hold back -- your feedback will help us make Tripping the safest hospitality network on the planet. Thanks! - Jen PS - If you want to try it for yourself, Validation is free and you can schedule your Skype call here.