Vacation Rental Cleaning Checklist

Vacation Rental Maintenance

Important things to do before your guests check in!

Having a vacation rental property is a great source of additional income for homeowners, and making guests feel at home will ensure they return each year. By creating an inviting atmosphere, not only will it set the tone for their experience, but you'll also be amazed at how grateful they'll be for your thoughtfulness and warm gestures.

As first impressions are extremely important, it's highly imperative to prepare your home for renters prior to their arrival. With continual maintenance to your property, you can eliminate the need for extensive cleaning and organizing. Just in case you're a bit behind, we've put together a helpful guide that will make cleaning your home simple and easy.


We know the kitchen is one of the busiest places in your home, making it easy for dirt and grime to build up over time. Removing the unsightly mess before your renters arrive is a must and should not be avoided at any cost. In order to go above and beyond for your guests, be sure to take care of areas in your kitchen you may not think about cleaning on a daily basis.

Cleaning the inside of your oven and refrigerator is necessary for sanitary purposes, but also shows your dedication and attention to detail. It may sound like common sense, but don't forget to wipe off tables, countertops and chairs as well. Make sure pots, pans and other appliances are clean and in working condition. This is also a good time to organize your silverware drawer and your cupboards, while removing any unnecessary clutter. To alleviate the hassle of guests having to purchase their own cleaning supplies, stock your kitchen with products like antibacterial spray, dish soap and sponges. With a little extra care, your kitchen will be in optimal condition in no time.


A dirty bathroom can make or break a home, especially in a rental property. To eliminate the need for worry, be certain yours is clean from top to bottom. Scrub out the shower and bathtub, making sure not to miss a spot. The same goes for the toilet, as it is the most used fixture in a home and requires extra attention. Once you've cleaned the bathroom vanity, sink, and mirror, sweep and mop the floors for an added touch.

A good landlord will also check that all of the bathroom fixtures are in prime condition. Fix problems like dripping faucets, low-pressure shower heads, or peeling caulk to avoid costly repairs and disgruntled tenants down the road. Hand soap should also be readily available for your guests to use, along with clean towels and washcloths. As an added gesture of hospitality, include travel-sized versions of your favorite soaps, shampoos and lotions for your guests to enjoy.

Living Room

The living room is an ideal space for guests to unwind, relax, and enjoy their time with the family. By guaranteeing everything in the room is neat and orderly, they'll be able to transition easily into the home. This can be accomplished by dusting off bookshelves, electronics, and any other décor in the room to remove unwanted allergens throughout. Cleaning the windows both inside and out will also help eradicate additional dust and dirt. While you're at it, dust the blinds and steam the curtains for a crisp, polished appearance.

If you've provided books, magazines and DVDs for your guests to use, organize them to ensure everything is easily accessible. Whether you have hardwood floors or carpet, be sure to clean them accordingly. In addition, make certain your upholstered furniture is steamed or wiped clear of any stains, dirt, or dust for an added level of comfort. For a welcoming feel and final touch, include freshly cut flowers or a room diffuser to heighten the aroma of the room.


For a relaxing retreat, spend extra time preparing each bedroom in the house for your guests. Make each bed with freshly laundered linens, fluff the pillows, and add a mint if you've got one! People love to be pampered, even if they're just renting your home for a brief vacation. Be sure to also include extra bedding in the off chance that it's needed. Clean out the dresser drawers and closets, but don't forget to leave a few hangers for your guests' belongings.

The floors need attention too, and yes, even underneath the bed. Steam all curtains and upholstered furniture, while taking care to dust blinds, bookshelves, and furniture as well. If you have any personal belongings or accessories in the bedrooms, remove them to guarantee they are safe from damage. Once everything is complete, shut the door and hit the lights—guests love a dramatic entrance.

Other Areas

There are additional areas you may want to confirm are ready for guests before departing your home. This may include checking that the laundry room is clean and tidy (remember to clean out the lint trap in your dryer!) and that closets and hallways are cleared of any personal items. Outside the home, be sure the lawn is cut and any trash is picked up. If your home is equipped with a deck, make sure the outside furniture and the deck itself is clean and in stable condition. With a little elbow grease, your home will be in top-notch shape before you know it. Remember, the quality of your home and the hospitality you provide are what keeps guests coming back. You want them to enjoy their experience and recommend it to others, so put in the time to properly maintain it–you won't regret it!

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