Unique Vacation Rentals: Windmills

Tired of your typical cottage, condo, house or apartment you rent every time you travel? These gorgeous mills in northern Germany are unique vacation rentals that add some accommodation interest to your trip. Besides, they are just straight up neat. So check them out for fun, or to actually book for a German beach vacation.

Carolinensiel-Harlesiel Mill

This 200 year old Gallery Mill apartment has a fantastic view of the North Sea. Bring up to 3 people besides yourself to this 2 Bedroom, 2 Bath getaway. Though, while you may feel you are far away from the world, you would actually be just a quick jaunt away from local restaurants, supermarket, shopping, spa and beach spots. How romantic, right?

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Wangels Mill

This historic monument vacation rental, built in 1848, is in the Ostholstein Hills. So that means you can easily go swimming in the Baltic Sea, golfing in Hohwacht, and shopping in Lütjenburg. With 4 floors and 2 bedrooms, you have plenty of space for whatever kind of vacation you are looking for. Get all of Germany in one place.

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Garding Mill

In Eiderstedt, based in St. Peter-Ording, this mill accommodation is quite a special place. First of all, just look at the picture. Second, St. Pere Ording has a long stretch of sandy beaches to swim, surf, kite, and relax! Third, its got a pond, swimming pool, sauna, trampoline, and ping pong table on different levels of its 3 floors. What else do you need?

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Schwerin Country - Western Mecklenburg Mill

Hold up. Location: Goldenbow, right outside Lewitz nature reserve and the state capitol, Schwerin. So right there are tons of sightseeing opportunities. Built in 1924, this wind mill is definitely the place to be. Lots of outdoor activities in the area and major cities near by means that the pure beauty of your German rental won't be the only thing you are amazed by.

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Post by Christina Sours